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On a side note, I've got to say, my experience since I've changed to Rimu has been unmatched by any of my prior hosts. You guys know your stuff and have been a great help through my 'growing pains'. The hosting plans are solid, generous and a joy to work with--who could ask for any more control over their environment?

- Jason (after we helped out a bit with subversion and viewcvs setup) (#215/323)
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Dallas Network Upgrade

PostedSun, 25 Jan 2015 11:51 AM UTC
Last UpdateSun, 1 Feb 2015 12:20 PM UTC (6 hours ago)
Affected Data CenterDallas (TX)

Phase two work (switch to 10Gbit connections)

Update at Sun 12:14 UTC : we still need to swap a number of our cabinets from multiple 1Gb connections to multiple 10Gbit connections.  This will require a brief network down/up as we switch cabling.  We will perform this work over a few days: Mon, Tue, Wed 0200 UTC; 1500 NZT; 2000 Dallas (different cabinets will be done each day).

Phase one work (replace core networking)

Update at Sun 12:14 UTC: Our new core is in place, the old core is turned off.  The swap went smoothly.  Servers should all be pinging.  If you are seeing any issues please let us know?

Update at Sun 1025 UTC: The layer 3 interfaces are switched over.  We are now in the middle of changing the default traffic routes in and out of the new gear vs. the old gear.  Everything is going smoothly (with the exception of a very tiny minority of servers with misconfigured gateway IPs...).

Update at Sun 0725 UTC: We are switching over some layer 3 interfaces.  We expect affected network connections to be disconnected and a few seconds of packet loss.

Update at Sun 0424UTC: We are commencing work on this.

Update at Tue 0459UTC: We are extending the window a few hours so we can perform some of the work after 2300 Dallas time.

Summary: We will be replacing our core networking equipment.  We expect a few short network interruptions over a 6 hour window.

With the newer equipment we expect to reduce network latency, increase network bandwidth and capacity and improve network redundancy.

Window: Sun 1 Feb 00:01 (=1800 Sat Dallas; = 1300 Sun NZT) for 8 hours.

Expected impact: a number of network 'blips'/outages.  These should be short in duration (a few seconds to minutes).  And are required as we transition to the new equipment.  We will work to minimize the number and duration of any outage.

Detail: we are working to upgrade our 1Gbit+ links from our cabinets to our core to 10Gbit+ links.  The first step is to switch from our current core switches to newer, faster Cisco Nexus 7000 gear with better 10G support.

We will be switching our layer 3 links to the new switch.  We will be routing external traffic to the new switch.  And we will be changing a number of cabinets over to using multiple 10Gbit fiber links (vs. multiple 1Gbit links).

During this window we anticipate a number of small network blips as we migrate the physical connections and layer 3 terminations.  These should be brief.

This work affects all servers in Dallas.  It affects both public and private network connections.

We will be posting updates to any timing on this notice (please subscribe).  Plus updates on our progress.

Affected users will have received an email.  If you have any questions or concerns please reply to that and we will attempt to address those.


host250.rimuhosting.com drive failing

PostedThu, 29 Jan 2015 00:45 AM UTC
Last UpdateFri, 30 Jan 2015 02:46 AM UTC (63 hours ago)
Affected Serverhost250.rimuhosting.com

host250.rimuhosting.com has a drive failing, we are working on swapping that out.

Update 30th Jan 02:41 UTC: Due to current workload we were unable to complete the drive swap earlier.  We will work on the drive swap 2nd February at 22:00 UTC.

Update 29th Jan 01:52 UTC: We are not able to determine which slot holds the drive that needs to be swapped.

We will need to take the server and VPS's offline to complete the drive swap, we will work on that at tonight at 22:00 UTC.


CVE-2015-0235 glibc gethostname 'ghost' vulnerability

PostedThu, 29 Jan 2015 05:23 AM UTC
Last UpdateThu, 29 Jan 2015 05:51 AM UTC (84 hours ago)

ghost glibc vulnerabilty

There is a vulnerability in most versions of the ubiquitous glibc library (which is used by most server binaries: sshd, mysql, ntp, apache, etc)


Patching the vulnerability

For modern, supported Debian and Ubuntu distros you can simply run apt-get update; apt-get install libc6

On Centos distros you can run yum install glibc.

This should work fine on Centos 7, Centos 6, Debian 7.  And Debian 6 if you are using the lts repositories.

Ubuntu 14.04 is not affected.

After installing glibc you will need to restart your server (as currently running programs will still be using the old glibc library).

RimuHosting actions

Where we have access to a server RimuHosting will attempt to upgrade your VM's glibc.

We will also be restarting VMs on host servers next week (week starting 2 February).  Since any glibc updates will also require applications using that library to be restarted.

Please subscribe to this notice to receive further updates.