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Server Details

Plan TawaVPS1 (Select a Different Plan)
Setup Fee 10.00 USD
Monthly Fee 16.93 USD Breakdown
Setup Fee10.00 USD
Monthly Fees
Base Monthly Fee14.88 USD
Memory: 256MB memory0.34 USD
Main Disk: 4GB file system0.75 USD
Data transfer allowance (30GB) in addition to base plan allowance (6GB of Data Transfer): 0.04 USD/GB times 24GB0.96 USD
Total Monthly Fee16.93 USD


Domain Name

Typically you should enter your domain without the 'www'.  We use this domain for setting your hostname.  You don't need to own the domain name (e.g. you can order the server before you purchase the domain name then, later on, you can point the domain name to the IP we give you on setup).




We recommend 400MB or more memory if you are running memory intensive applications like a MySQL database or Java Servlets. You need 1GB or more if you intend to run JBoss or Liferay. As you add more memory your server will perform faster and more reliably.

See our distros page for more information about each distro option.


Control Panel

Webmin is an Open Source browser based control panel.  What it lacks in prettiness, it makes up for in power and elegance.

CPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panels.

Virtualmin Pro is a control panel that enables your users or clients to manage their own domains.  It is written by the smart and Linux-friendly folks who wrote the wildly popular Webmin server control panel.  For more info see http://www.virtualmin.com/.

Plesk is a professional web hosting control panel.  It is available only on our higher end plans (since Plesk requires a good amount of memory to run).  It is a great addition to your server whether you are setting up a single website, multiple sites, or are reselling web hosting.

The Plesk install will be a recent Plesk version.  The recommended Powerpack option includes:

  • SpamAssassin Anti-spam Support Interface.
  • Application Pack (including Mambo site builder, osCommerce e-commerce solution, php BB bulletin board, Gallery picture gallery, bbClone counter, phpBook guestbook, and gtChat chat engine).
  • Tomcat Support.
  • Multi-level Support Trouble Ticketing System.

Note CPanel requires a CPanel license (which you can get from 3rd parties from USD 15/m).

4GB File System

No Extra Disk



RimuHosting does not back up this disk image (like we do on the main disk image).

30GB of Data Transfer

Overages at 0.05 USD/GB

1 IP is included for no extra cost.  After that it is 2.00 USD/IP/Month.

Please note the reason for any extra IPs



You can host multiple sites from your server with just a single IP.  If you want to run DNS, you will probably need 2 IPs.  SSL will require an IP per SSL-secured domain.

After this we'll need your contact details...

Questions?  See our Ordering and Billing page.

New Zealand-based customers will have GST added (prices are GST-exclusive).