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VPS Pricing

You can customize more settings in the next step.


17.42 USD/month

1,024 MB memory
4 GB disk
40 GB data transfer allowance

Any data center

VPS Plans

You can customize your settings in the next step.


-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

MiroVPS Semi-Dedicated Servers

Semi-dedicated servers are environmentally friendly Our semi-dedicated VPS plans run on the same hardware as our Xeon dedicated servers (two quad core Harpertown Xeon processors, 8 cores total).

Your VPS will be setup on a machine with up to 7 other users.  Those VPSs will each get a share of the host server resources (CPU, memory, disk IO, bandwidth, etc).

These plans are ideal when you need to have lots of memory, low CPU and disk IO contention and the safety of regular, automated full filesystem backups.

Be green.  Most people do not need the all the resources of a dedicated server.  By sharing a server with other users you reduce the overall power usage.  Over a year, compared to a dedicated server, a semi-Dedicated servers will save a metric tonne of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of 24 trees.

MiroVPS Semi-Dedicated Server (Dallas) MiroVPS Semi-Dedicated Server (London)
Order Order
Server Type Semi-Dedicated VPS
Base Monthly Price 89.95 USD 90.00 GBP
Memory Options 950MB-1800MB
Data Transfer Allowance 75GB 200GB
Disk Space 20GB
IPs 4
Data Center Dallas (TX) London
Order Order

MiroVPS Features

The following features are common to all our VPS plans.

Supported Distros Centos
Control Panel Reboot Yes
RAID Yes, your file system is protected from disk failure.
Easily Upgradable In most cases we can add disk space, more memory and IPs with just a quick VPS restart.
Regular Full System Backups Yes
Backup Drive Opt
Root Access Yes.  If it doesn't have root access, we don't sell it.
Any Linux software you can name It's either installed already, or you can install it
Extras Included DNS Manager; Backup FTP Space; Backup Mail Server; Console-Over-SSH
Support Smart Linux support sysadmins, who go the extra mile for you

Upgrading VPS Plans

If you find the VPS plan you select does not suit, you can add more memory or disk space or increase your data transfer allowance.  Just pop in a support ticket with what you need.  Usually changes just require a quick VPS restart.  No re-setup fee applies, and there are no changes to your filesystem or IP address.

If there is not enough spare memory on your host server then we may need to move your VPS to a new server.  There will be no charge for this, though you will get a new IP address.  We will co-ordinate any IP address changes with you before making any changes.

VPS-on-dedicated server (big discounts)

A VPS-on-dedicated server is a powerful and flexible hosting option.  You get the convenience and flexibility of a VPS but the power and predicable performance of a classic dedicated server.

We have some great pricing on selected servers.  See our VPS-on-dedicated server page for details.

Pricing Information

Special Offers

Recommend Us To a Friend And Get Hosting Credits

Recommend our service to a friend or colleague.  Have them mention your name and this offer on the order confirmation page.  We will give you a $15 hosting credit when they sign up.

Open Source Developer Discounts

A lot of the tools and services we provide are based on open source projects.  We try to give something back to that community.  If you are an open source developer, tell us about your project when you order and ask for an open source developer discount.

Prepayment Discounts

You can prepay your hosting if you wish.  Just let us know when you wish to do that.  If you prepay 12 months we will add an extra month for no extra cost on our VPS plans.  If you already host with us, just pop in a support ticket and tell us you wish to prepay for 12 months.  If you are about to put in a new order, just tell us you wish to prepay for 12 months on the order confirmation page.

Discounts for Multiple VPSs

If you have a VPS with us and then order another VPS we will automatically drop $10 from the VPS setup fee and discount the monthly fee by 10%.  This offer does not apply to dedicated servers.