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Get a $15 hosting credit for each referral

Are you delighted by the RimuHosting hosting experience?  Want your friends, colleagues and web visitors to have a great webhost?  Want to save lots on your hosting bill?

When you refer someone to RimuHosting you can receive a $15 hosting credit.

Add your affiliate ID to our URL; get the credit automatically

For us to track the referral, just use your referral id on any link to the rimuhosting.com website.

Use the affiliate links on your website, in your blog and in emails with your friends and colleagues who may need Linux hosting.

How it works

Use the link with our library of banners and buttons.  Or just place a regular text link on your site.

The referral link will work on any http://rimuhosting.com/ page.  It will not work on other domains (like our forums or bliki sites).

Our site code will try to track referral links across multiple sessions by that user.  i.e. if they use the referral link one day, then come back the next day to order, then that will count as a referral (assuming the visitor has cookies enabled on their computer).

Use the link on your site; in your blog; in forum posts; and in referral emails

You can use the affiliate link on your website (e.g. a powered by link).  Or in a blog post describing your hosting experience with us.  Or if you mention us to a friend you can include the affiliate link in an email (else just have them mention your name on our order form).

Please do not 'spam' with your affiliate ID.  e.g. by sending out bulk unsolicited email, or making inappropriate posts on forums using the affiliate urls.  It is not a cool thing to do and it would breach our affiliate program terms ad conditions.

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