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Well Connected Data Centers

RimuHosting uses data centers in multiple countries.  This lets you host with a server closest to you or your users.  We currently use data centers in the following locations:

These locations let you choose a server nearest your US, European or Australasian users.

Each data center has redundant UPS systems, generator backup, closed circuit monitoring, card key access, 24-hour guards and redundant a/c systems. Rest assured your hardware is being well taken care of.

Dallas Data Center

The Dallas-based data center we use, run by TierPoint, provides a reliable, fast and affordable mix of BGP routed bandwidth. The data center run a Cisco networking environment. And is staffed 24x7 by technicians who perform all our remote hands work (e.g. changing drives, memory or swapping servers).

TierPoint take their power seriously.  They have 4 autonomous 2N power plants; 11MW of utility power; and 6 backup diesel generators on standby.

TierPoint is very secure.  Their 68,000 sq ft facility is annually audited for Type 2 SOC 1 and Type 2 SOC 2 compliance; single story; single tenanted; FM-90 rated wind roof.  Multi-layered security includes card key, pin, and biometric scans at the facility entrance; intrusion detection systems and full CCTV surveillance.

The servers we purchase and colocate at the Dallas data center are the latest and greatest our money can buy, so we are able to offer customers great pricing on extra memory and disk space.

If you are not sure which data center to go with then we recommend you setup your VPS or dedicated server at this data center. We host most of our customers at this facility.

Order a Dallas-based VPS, or a Dallas-based dedicated server. Sample IP.

London Data Center

The UK-based data center we use is located in Reading (just outside of London).

We recommend our London data center if most of your users are in Europe and low latency is critical to you.

Order a London-based VPS or London-based Dedicated Server.

Brisbane, Australia Data Center

We provide dedicated servers in Australia from a Brisbane-based data center.

If you or your customers are located in Australia, Asia or New Zealand then one of our Brisbane-based VPSs is a good choice. Bandwidth in this part of the world is not cheap, so data transfer allowances on these servers are lower than at the other data centers we use.

Some facts about the Brisbane data center:

Order a Brisbane-based VPS or an Brisbane-based dedicated server.

Sydney, Australia Data Center

Our VMs in Sydney are located at the award winning NextDC S1 data center.  Some highlights:

Order a Sydney-based VPS.

Auckland-based Data Center

Our NZ-based hosting plans are offered out a data center in Auckland, New Zealand.

Some facts about the Auckland data center:

Order an Auckland, New Zealand-based VPS or an Auckland, New Zealand-based dedicated server.

Frankfurt-based Data Center

Some facts about the Frankfurt data center:

Order a Frankfurt, Germany-based VPS.