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Webmin security issue

PostedFri, 6 Dec 2019 01:23 AM UTC
Last UpdateMon, 9 Dec 2019 21:08 PM UTC (7 hours ago)

There has been a webmin exploit per http://www.webmin.com/exploit.html

Most customers should not be affected.  Updating webmin to the latest version should be a good option for most customers.

We have added some functionality at https://rimuhosting.com/cp/serverpatchstate.jsp that will check to see if a server is running Webmin and which version.


switch psu replacement

PostedSun, 1 Dec 2019 23:52 PM UTC
Last UpdateMon, 2 Dec 2019 00:30 AM UTC (8 days ago)

Mon, 2 Dec 2019 00:29 AM UTC: The PSU has been replaced and full redundancy restored.

One of our top of rack switches has reported a bad PSU. The switch has multiple PSUs and continues to operate normally. To restore full redundancy we are sourcing a replacement and will swap that out shortly.