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Dedicated Server Alternative: RimuHosting VPS

Curious what goes into each of our VPSs?  Want to know why our VPS hosting is faster, more reliable, and more flexible than 'regular' virtual hosting?  Want to discover how you can save hundreds of dollars on dedicated server hosting?  Read on.

There are all kinds of hosting plans out there.  Including dedicated servers, and virtual hosting.

A Dedicated Server, Just Shared: Virtual Private Servers occupy a middle ground between a dedicated server and regular shared hosting.  You get the features of dedicated hosting in a shared environment.

Your virtual server runs on one of our host servers.  The host server runs a number of virtual servers.  Each virtual server shares the host server's memory, CPU, Internet connection and other resources.  No one VPS can monopolize resources.  Each VPS gets a guaranteed share of the server CPU, disk IO and network.

How Does it Work?

RimuHosting uses Xen to power our Virtual Private Server hosting plans.  RimuHosting were one of the first hosting companies to use Xen.

Xen is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation.  Xen is Open Source software, released under the GPL.  It runs a Linux kernel and OS, and it is regularly used for running demanding applications like MySQL, Apache and PostgreSQL.  Any Linux application will run unmodified on a Xen based VPS.

Once the VPS starts up, there is very little functional difference between it and a full dedicated server.  The boot process is the same.  Services can be installed and configured as they normally are on a Linux server.  Software can be recompiled (with gcc or whatever compiler you use).  Standard, i386 binary RPMs (e.g. on Red Hat distros) can be installed.  Or you can get use Apt on any of distros (Debian or Red Hat based).

Virtual Host vs. Virtual Private Server

  Generic Virtual Hosting RimuHosting VPS
Root User Login No Yes
Guaranteed CPU and Disk IO No (at the mercy of server load) Yes
Install Applications No Yes
Configure Application Setup No Yes
Customers Per CPU Core 200-2000 10-20
Customize Hardware No Configure Memory
Customize /dev, /usr, /bin, /sys, etc No Yes
Add Users No Yes
Unlimited POP3 Accounts No Yes
Unlimited FTP Accounts No Yes
Host Multiple Websites No Yes
Unlimited MySQL Databases No Yes
Dedicated IP Address No Yes
Can Install own Firewall No Yes
Security One file system shared by all users Each VPS has its own file system.  No one else has access to your files.
Set up Cron Jobs Some Hosts Yes
Linux Distribution No Choice Choice of Several Distros (including Red Hat and Debian)

Ultimate Customizability

Virtual servers are very feature rich.  They are functionally equivalent to a dedicated server.

So What Can't You do on a RimuHosting VPS?

RimuHosting provides the kernel. We offer recent, stable kernels. The kernels don't support module loading (for added security). But they have most popular options enabled. If you have some special needs, we have done custom kernel builds in the past. If you really need to operate your own kernel you can with pvgrub.

Where to Next?

Come on, you know you want to try it out.

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