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Support worth raving about

We work hard to provide support worth raving about.  To do that we are always looking for ways to provide the assistance our customers request.

But then we go just that little bit further and surprise them with something just a little bit more/better than what they were expecting.

Dedicated servers

Support Factoids

  • 84% of our customers are delighted by our support (the rest are 'merely' happy with it.)
  • Our average customer has been with us for 18 months.
  • 19/20 customers remain with us after their first two months (indicating they made the right choice choosing our service).
  • 60% of our new business is by word of mouth (we appreciate that our customers are so happy with our service they tell their friends and colleagues about it).
  • 91% of our customers rate us better than their previous host.
  • We start responding to most support requests in under 2 minutes.

Examples of RimuHosting support

The following are just some of the things we have done for our customers:

  • Installed JBoss/tomcat/Liferay.  Helped deploy WAR and EAR Java webapps
  • Installed a Rails hosting stack, upgraded gems, troubleshooted mongrel instances
  • Configured and troubleshooted email servers.  We are familiar with DKIM, postfix, ClamAV, Spamassassin, Postfixadmin, you name it.
  • Performance troubleshooting.  We find and help resolve bottlenecks.  e.g. tracking down MySQL servers bogging down your server.  e.g. finding the optimal amount of memory for your server.
  • Configure backups, MySQL replication, failover and monitoring.

RimuHosting support philosophy

Our goals are to be honest, upfront, straightforward, work in the customers' best interest, and provide service that delights.

At RimuHosting we work really hard to never say 'no'.  We try to help our customers in any way we can to make their hosting setup work the way they need it to.

Don't just take our word for itRimuHosting customers say a lot of nice things about us.

“These guys know their stuff, whether it's RoR, Java, ... I recommend them to all my friends and customers and they are so happy with Rimuhosting they are doing the same thing.”
- Peter

“By the way, you guys are awesome and have the best response time of any company I've ever worked with. And I've worked with HP, IBM, etc. all on supposed "Tier 1" accounts. Those were full of epic fail.”
- Chris

“Thank you very much for all your help. You guys spoil me. Excellence is so rare in customer service these days and it's a delight to receive it so consistently from you!”
- Steve

“You guys need a paypal tip jar. I love rimu, you guys are great techs, and your VPS setup is keen”
- Chris

You guys rock. There is no one out there who takes better care of Rails developers. Everything in your Rails stack Just Works.”
- Mark

“Because of your Rails Stack install, you saved me HOURS of time, and I had my app running in less than 30 minutes! That was cool.”
- Brian

The BBC are hosting their cutting edge projects at Rimu, and we're very happy with the service.”
- Ian Forrester (Producer, BBC)

“I feel I should mention - you guys continue to be a joy to work with. Thanks for running such a terrific company.”
- Ethan

“Thanks! I can really get used to this [kind of support]! You guys are the best. You should see what passes for support at some of your competitors' sites!”
- Jan

“It's been a few months since I've joined Rimu and just wanted to say, it's absolutely amazing. The vps I have is quicker than any of my rackmount poweredge's!! The servers fire up instantly, the network is great, the uptime is amazing. Last but not least, the support. My gosh you guys are amazing! Thanks!!!!”
- Chris

“Typical Rimu service - more than I asked for, and I learned something new in the process. You guys are fantastic. Thank you.”
- Ethan

“Thanks very much for explaining to me what was going on and taking care of it. I really wasn't expecting that, but thank you very much. My second day with a VPS with Rimu and I can now really understand why your customers rave about you!”
- Will