Need hassle free hosting?

  • Friendly, helpful Sysadmins on tap 24x7 to install, configure, troubleshoot and advise.
  • Wordpress, cPanel/WHM, Rails and Java hosting specialists.

Get your own RimuHosting server

  • Xen-based Linux virtual machine server hosting
  • Ideal for web developers and 'techies'
  • Servers in Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Australia and New Zealand

VPS Pricing

You can customize more settings in the next step.


13.18 NZD/month

1,024 MB memory
4 GB disk
40 GB data transfer allowance

Any data center

VPS Plans

You can customize your settings in the next step.


-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

-- -- /month

-- MB memory
-- GB disk
-- GB data transfer allowance

Why us?

  • Great reputation for customer service.
  • Really smart sysadmins who spend all day, every day, helping our customers with Rails, Wordpress, Postfix, Apache, Tomcat, Liferay and you-just-name-it.
  • Great data centers to ensure everything runs smoothly (Dallas, London, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland).

Browser based control panel for:

  • VM reinstalls (and distro changes).
  • Restores to snapshots.
  • Mount snapshots (to recover files).
  • Kernel selection.
  • Resource usage and host status.
  • Run disk image snapshots on demand.
  • Change your data center, memory, disk size or data transfer allowance at the press of a button.
  • Move your VM from a shared host to your own powerful dedicated server, or to a different data center, at the push of a button.

What you get with your VM:

  • Full SSH root access.
  • Your own IP address.
  • You configure the data center, memory, disk size, data transfer allowance you need.
  • Your choice of Debian, Ubuntu, and Centos distros.
  • Select no control panel or choose one of Webmin, Plesk or Virtualmin.
  • Fully-managed server options.

Plus lots of goodies and features like:

  • Managed DNS.
  • FTP backup space.
  • Weekly VM image snapshots.
  • Out of band console shell (console-over-SSH and console-via-web-browser).
  • Native RESTful server management API. RimuHosting drivers are provided for the most popular aggregator libraries (like libcloud, jclouds and deltacloud).

Ordering options


  • RimuHosting have been operating since 2003.
  • Every single one of our staff is a geek. We are customer focused sysadmins. We have no pushy suit-and-tie sales people. We work hard to provide great service. And we think our reputation for great support reflects that.
  • One of the original VM providers (back in the 'user mode linux' days).
  • One of the first to offer Xen based VMs.
  • Deloitte have named us one of the Asia Pacific region's fastest growing tech companies 3 years running.
  • Customers in over 90 countries (primarily the US, Australasia, and the UK).