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Host your Java-based webapp at RimuHosting

RimuHosting are Java hosting specialists. We provide dedicated servers and VPSs.  So you are not using a ‘shared JVM’ (with all the security issues and lack of configurability that goes with that).
Our sysadmin staff are familiar with supporting many of the most popular Java application servers (Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, Liferay, JBoss, you name it).

Java VPS servers

We have Java developers on staff.
We have been providing Java support since 2003 to hundreds of customers running Java servers.
We can help you deploy your server-side Java application (installing your application server, helping you configure it, and helping you deploy your server-side Java application)

VPS server

Our popular plan

-- -- /month

7041 MB memory
16 GB disk
100 GB data transfer allowance
Data center: Dallas
Price breakdown

You can customize your settings in the next step.

VPS Pricing

You can customize more settings in the next step.


13.24 NZD/month

1,024 MB memory
4 GB disk
40 GB data transfer allowance

Any data center

“If it is Java, we can run it.” Whatever you are doing we can help you get your webapp up and running:

Tomcat webhosting

JSP hosting

Java web hosting

Grails hosting

Servlets hosting

Glassfish hosting

JBoss hosting

Liferay webhosting

Watch out for other hosts with rusty old Java setups

Just ask us when you order and we will setup and configure the latest version of pretty much any server-side Java apps you may need.

RimuHostingOther Hosts
JDKYes JDK7 or JDK8None or JDK1.4 - 1.6
Private JVMYesMaybe
GlassfishYes (latest)Maybe
TomcatYes v7 or v8Maybe
Apache Connectors (mod_proxy_ajp)YesMaybe
Java developers on staffYesMaybe
Providing Java SupportSince 2003?
Customers Using Java100+Unknown

Some unique RimuHosting Java and Tomcat webhosting features: