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I have been a customer long enough now to see that the uptime and the CPU performance of the VPS are excellent. I am real glad Rimuhosting is prospering, and you can count on me being a customer for a long time to come.

- Lloyd (in a thank you note to us) (#137/338)
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Customer Quotes

We can say whatever we like about our service on our website.  What really matters is how our customers respond to our support.  Here are a few snippets we've collected recently from our inboxes.

BTW: if you are a customer that would like us to attribute your quote with your URL, or have us add a quote from you, please let us know.  And we also appreciate a reciprocal link on your site.

Customer Quotes

RimuHosting generously provides storage space on their Bakop backup servers for storing users' data for backups and synchronization across devices. Their response time to support issues is unbelievable, measured in seconds. And I've yet to have an issue they couldn't fix immediately. If you have hosting needs, check them out.

- Greek study app (#1/338)

I just set up two-factor authentication on my backop account and was delighted to see that you all make it easy, not only to set up, but also to manage. Tons of websites say "It's easy to enable two-factor authentication on our site" but they offer nothing more than options to "turn on" or "turn off." But you showed me the QR code and the secret code. You will let me change the code. You will let me specify my own code. If I lose the authenticator, there's a way to reset it. You accept valid codes for longer than the 30 seconds on the authenticator.

- Jeff (on our two factor authentication) (#2/338)

Liz is consistently upbeat and helpful, and regularly goes the extra mile diagnosing problems and implementing solutions. Her turn-around time is exemplary and she has been very patient with me (a non-DevOps guy!) explaining things, understanding my needs, and improvising answers.

- Richard (after lots of application server setup work) (#3/338)

I wanted to give major kudos to Liz in your support team for her professionalism and expertise in tackling an upgrade and troubleshooting problem for me. Her timely updates on status and collaborative work approach in resolving particularly arcane postfix/dovecot configs was comprehensive and accommodating to my specific requirements. The billed support hours she logged saved me so much time and headache and was worth every penny. She is a great asset to Rimu and I want to thank her for her assistance (and putting up with my b******t)!

- Erin (#4/338)

I like being a customer of RimuHosting because you're always there when I need you, you have some great people working for you and that is why I've paid you for the last few UNIX upgrades, no stress for me to get stuff fixed when it does not work, I do that for a living here ;-) Oh, and I grew up in Australia, so it was nice to be a customer of a NZ company.

- Jerry (#5/338)

I've achieved a point in life where I appreciate quality more than cost and RIMU has provided me quality of service above and beyond anything I expected so many years ago.

- Mark Alexander (#6/338)

Great customer service and system support

- topreviews (#7/338)

You guys are the best - your flexible pricing was always fun to use, i liked free storage , free cpu and for RAM upgrades for the same or similar price

- Nik, reflecting on his time hosting with us (#8/338)

I just wanted to say thanks for completing the mitigation of all the various Spectre and Meltdown CVEs. My spectre-meltdown-checker went all green after the last firmware update was completed on my VPS. I am sort of half devops at work (I do embedded software) and so I've been monitoring which systems are fixed by which updates (kernel, hardware, firmware), and it's good to see the various improvements finally making it out everywhere. I appreciate getting it all nailed down. I can't tell you the countless firmware updates I've hunted down, kernel updates, etc.

- James after we rolled out host security updates (#9/338)

Dheera on Quora

- If you're looking for Linux servers, I've been using RimuHosting (www.rimuhosting.com) for a couple years now and have been extremely happy with them. Uptime is pretty fantastic, and the best part is support usually responds in minutes by e-mail and they tell you what exactly they're doing; they don't leave you out of the loop with vague messages. Their interface for managing and upgrading is also nice. (#10/338)

Just want to say a big thank you for all these updates you identify and apply for us. Your support really is second to none.... You have a stunning business model and am amazing team.

- Tim (#11/338)

For the past ten years Rimuhosting VMs have been hosting $myproject and, still today, i'm super-happy about it. No matter whether it was something ordinary or not, all went always smooth. Big congrats to the whole staff at Rimuhosting for that!

- Paolo (#12/338)

If I ever get married I hope its as good as doing business with Rimuhosting, I've done business with you guys for maybe 4 years now, and I'm still discovering new things that make you guys awesome to work with. Thanks!

- OB7 (after he setup a DNS zone on our DNS manager) (#13/338)

We'd like to thank you guys. Your team has been very helpful and thoughtful in supporting us throughout our early years. From our first days of just learning how to manage multiple servers, keeping them secure, and then scaling from a handful of users up to millions of users, the Rimu team has been there to guide us on some very keys steps along the way.

- Joe (#14/338)

just want to express my appreciation on how well Rimuhosting supports and communicates with the clients. Rimuhosting is truly an amazing company to stay with. Thanks for all of your great work.

- Aaron (after some security issue communications) (#15/338)

Thanks for the amazing as always support. You are the best!

- Marcin from 4Web after we helped with some security issues (#16/338)

I have been using your hosting server for a while now this is the first time I have actually needed help from you team, I am just amazed by the kind of response and service I have received.

- Jagesh (after we optimized apache and mysql for him) (#17/338)

I've dealt with many hosting companies and none compare to your service.

- Tim Teasl from floristpro.co.uk after we setup another server for him (#18/338)

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the attention AND the additional RAM allocation.

- Warwick (after sorting out an OOM error) (#19/338)

Your team is phenomenal, I've dealt with many people on your team so far and I think your "Support is definitely Worth Raving About"

- Fady (#20/338)

Awesome staff/support.. superior service.. and your company delivers on that brand you mentioned.. A relief of dealing with [a big web hosting company]..

- Robert (#21/338)

Love your service! Thank you for creating such a great company! I wish I had the experience to get on your support staff because you are the kind of company I would love to work for..

- Robert (#22/338)

Your offering in VPS is exactly what I needed in that I can tailor my disk space and bandwidth to my needs rather than to some "bundle" with massive bandwidth and limited space or me paying for stuff I will never use.

- Wouter (#23/338)

I have been leading IT departments for more than 15 years in world class organizations like Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Cemex, Gerdau, etc. Let me tell you that I have never been so impressed. The quality of your technical support staff and the way they care for customer satisfaction is superb.

- Miguel (#24/338)

Rimu is first-class and we are delighted with your service. How many hosting services contact their customers to offer more value for the same price? That is definitely contrary to our past experiences with other hosting providers. Please pass our kudos to your whole company, and thanks for the heads-up on the free memory!

- John (after we increased his server memory) (#25/338)

I've been using your service for only a day, but the first day has been a great experience. You set up my server immediately, answered several questions within minutes of my asking them, and provided enough documentation on your site that I'm up and running with a production path for my Rails app with no problems at all (and I've never hosted a Rails app before and am spotty on my sysadmin capabilities).

- Ronald (after we had setup a few things for him) (#26/338)

our company could not be more atypical for a hosting provider. I cannot thank you enough for being in business. You make me look like a rockstar by affiliation!

- Brad (#27/338)

I am looking forward to coming back to rimu after a year going through [a popular host], [and another host] and [another one] -- regardless of intent, none of them gave me the performance or uninterrupted service that rimu did. U guys have the magic ingredient it seems.

- Riyad (a returning customer) (#28/338)

The main reason I wish to move my sites back to RIMU is the support, I think since this was my first web experience I took that for granted. If [the host I moved to] had any sort of support, I would simply stick with that.

- Kenneth (an ex-customer wanting to move back to us for our 'fanatical' support) (#29/338)

Just a quick thank you to pass on to your support team. They caught our server down and "kick started it" for us before the IT people could wake me up this AM after they had done some updates that somehow corrupted grub. By the time I got up and down to my office to sort out the problem, your guys had rebooted the machine. Not quite sure how to translate this into "Kiwi" but Job Well Done! Your servers never go down, so I never get a chance thank your people for great support :-)

- Larry (#30/338)

You guys are so brilliant it makes me want to cry. If I could marry a tree, it would be a Rimu tree.

- Mark (#31/338)

Having a server with you is like having a brilliant sysadmin with good manners employed! :)

- Marcus (after we sorted out a RAID issue for him) (#32/338)

PS: I *love* your hosting service; I pay significantly more to other companies for substantially worse servers and bandwidth -- will switch when the other accounts come off contract.

- Michael (#33/338)

I cannot thank you enough. I have been stuck on this for weeks. Your customer support is SUPERB! Absolutely makes RIMU stand out from the crowd.

- Sean (after we did an Oracle install for him) (#34/338)

GUYS THE NEW SERVER REALLY KICKS ASS, its 50 million times faster and a good price.

- Kerran (after migrating to our new Auckland-based server) (#35/338)

You guys provide really red-hot support: expert assistance and always fast. I was never so happy with the hosting I get, and I will never choose another hosting provider. Rimu Hosting is the best I've found.

- David (after we helped out with a quick server timezone task) (#36/338)

Thanks once again for the awesome service that you guys (and gals) deliver. I just realized that I've been with Rimuhosting for several years now and I've had an almost 100% uptime (with no unplanned downtime) and no issues that you could not sort out for me, and all that for a couple of dollars a month! Thanks for the excellent service, keep up the good work.

- Rick (#37/338)

Reason for returning: Quality of bandwidth. I left rimu back in January to look around and try to find some alternative host (I was trying to do more with less). Very few vps and dedi hosts had the quality of bandwidth that rimu did when I was here. It was either upstream problems (poor datacenters), cheap bandwidth (cogent), or cheap routers. This isn't good for mission critical stuff.

- Arthur (a returning customer) (#38/338)

Thank you for being so proactive and swapping out the memory!! That's definitely above and beyond what anyone can expect from their hosting company, and you guys are living the promise of having sysadmins go beyond the call of duty. I'm loving you guys right now. :D

- Gregory (after sorting out a server issue for him) (#39/338)

YOU ARE TOTALLY COMPLETELY REALLY AWESOME!! It works now, I can't tell you how impressed i am with your service...i really truly am...is there are survey i can take that to show how i rate you? or is there someone i can write you about how well you have helped me?? i really mean it...thank you so much!!

- Ivan (after we helped him with MySQL and JBoss) (#40/338)

I am very impressed with the support offered by the staff at Rimu. They always take time to investigate the issue and respond promptly. Great stuff! Thank you.

- Simon (#41/338)

Thanks very much to your entire team, I was hesitant about making this move but it went relatively smoothly in no small part because Rimu's excellent attitude, support and responsiveness.

- Jeremy (after we helped migrate a server cluster to our Dallas-based data center) (#42/338)

Thank you. You are absolutely amazing and definitely get 5 stars for super-hero support!! Many thanks again. You have saved the day

- Joanne (after we helped her with an exploited server) (#43/338)

Thanks for this, really makes the value in managed servers clear!

- Tony (after we recovered a RAID array for him with two failed disks in it) (#44/338)


- Sean (after using our crazy cool 'move' UI to move a VPS between physical servers) (#45/338)

Thanks. Once again, guys, thanks for the fast installation of the very special set-up I wanted. You saved me *so much hassle*. This was really a dream come true... Just as valuable was the precise information you gave about what you did. You didn't just leave me with a job done but with me now knowing exactly what you did.

- David (#46/338)

Thank you so much. I've feel like I've stumbled into an alternate universe with the support I've gotten in the short time I've been a customer. You guys are awesome.

- Kevin (a new customers, after we helped out setup a few things) (#47/338)

Wow. You/RimuHosting continue to blow me away. I need to figure out how I can get you additional customers. You deserve it. Thank you both for the changes, and for the detailed explanation/tutorial so that I can learn from it.

- Tom (#48/338)

Thanks! I had possibly the biggest crisis of my site's history today, when [another webhost] killed the server I was using to host static content with apache. Was able to re-create the setup on my Rimu box in under an hour, with your help. I'm going 100% Rimu for all my hosting needs starting today.

- Alex (#49/338)

Thank you! Yet another good experience with you guys. Please forward my appreciation on to your boss and his boss. I needed a new server for a customer and, while I already have several VPSs with you, I went shopping to compare resources/prices because I'm watching my bottom line. Anyway, I was very tempted by a few others (Amazon EC2 and [xxx])- but in the end stayed with you guys because your infrastructure is solid ([xxx]'s prices were so low I couldn't imagine how many VPSs they were cramming into a server) and, most of all, your support never disappoints. [Helpful and friendly support] is so uncommon these days among cut throat hosting businesses. I'll pay a little more for that. So whatever you're doing- keep it up!

- Rob (after we setup a new order for him) (#50/338)

Thanks for checking. It was totally smooth -- easier than I'd imagined. The support you guys provide always rates "exceeds expectations".

- Dan (after we moved a VPS for him) (#51/338)

They fix the problem, answer your question AND educate you so you can do it yourself next time. Usually in under 15 minutes.

- Boris (after we helped out with some Apache configuration work) (#52/338)

By the way, you guys are awesome and have the best response time of any company I've ever worked with. And I've worked with HP, IBM, etc. all on supposed "Tier 1" accounts. Those were full of epic fail.

- Chris (after we advised on a VPN setup) (#53/338)

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the great service and excellent support you provided me through out the last 2 years here. I think you guys really ROCK. You are professional, attentive to detail and best of all you have amazing response turn around.

- Maissa (#54/338)

Thanks for the fast turnaround guys. I keep preaching about your customer service to all my friends. One of my buddies told me, "Yeah, we use RimuHosting. They're like the epitome of good customer service." ;)

- Shannon (after we setup another new server for him) (#55/338)

Thank you very much for all your help. You guys spoil me. Excellence is so rare in customer service these days and it's a delight to receive it so consistently from you!

- Steve (after we helped him get another server up and running) (#56/338)

You know, business is business, but you guys are the best I've run across in MANY years of IT... I'm the IT Principal Architect for a global company and have seen the range of services - your group has been consistently solid with communication, responsiveness, and relationships. If there was any way I could have avoided this, I would.

Again, thank you for your efforts - your company is fantastic.

- Jim (after canceling a server due to that business being sold) (#57/338)

Thank you very much! I would like to give my very high appreciation to your support. I have had nothing but excellent service from Rimu Hosting over the years i have been a customrer!

- Joachim (after helping with an Apache/Tomcat configuration) (#58/338)

We'd like to stop and thank you for EXCELLENT uptime and performance.

We bang on this VPS all day long, all week long, and it's been months since there's been a single hiccup or slowdown.

So thanks for the great service over the past 4-5 months!!

- Greg (#59/338)

I just had a client's server go down during an upgrade of a bunch of packages with yum. After the upgrade of about 150 packages, I decided to reboot just to make sure it survived. It didn't come back.

Before I could get my clients account info to send you a support ticket, you guys had identified the problem, sent me an SMS to my phone to let me know you were working on the issue. Before I could get my laptop open and connected to ping it, you had the server back up.

I wish I could have given you a clue as to the nature of the problem, but you beat me to it!

- David (problems happen, we work to respond pro-actively when they do) (#60/338)

I've got two of my clients with you currently and I've decided that I'm going to move my own businesses over to a Rimuhosting VPS as I'm spectacularly impressed with the quality of the service.

- Gareth (ordering another server with us) (#61/338)

I've been a very happy Rimu customer for awhile now, and I'm a developer who often winds up fielding questions from clients regarding who to go to for hosting. I always recommend Rimu, but often the CEO/marketing types at the small companies I work with fall in love with some other ISP's "offering", and they just ignore my advice.

Most recently this has happened a few times with [a VPS hosting company with a pretty website]. For me, as a developer, I look there and quickly see through the thin veneer they have set up in front of what is essentially the same hardware offering that you have for effectively the same prices.

A guy like me who is a good developer but not an IT guru really appreciates what he gets from Rimu. If you were to choke back the gag reflex and concede to put up a facade in front of Rimu to fake out the execs at the startup companies, you would get more customers, and I would get to use your excellent customer support more often. :)

- Jeff (providing us some very valid marketing device. One day we really will have a pretty veneer or a website on top of our solid technology and the effort we put into providing great support) (#62/338)

After my last interaction with Rimu support staff I felt compelled to take a moment and tell you something wonderful about your company.

A few years ago I came to Rimu through a good friend of mine, [xxx]. You might know him, as he was a customer of yours for a while. He's also the co-founder of [a really cool javascript library] and CEO at [a popular web 2.0 developer compnay]. Anyway, I had bounced around over the years with various providers - both large and small, and never really found anyone that was either that great or that horrible. So when he introduced me to Rimu I was expecting what I had grown accustomed to - frankly nothing out of the ordinary or all that special.

However, support is by far the most important area when working with any outsourced hosting solution. It's always scary knowing that if something goes wrong there's no way to personally interact with the hardware or software. Over the years these are the people who made it feel like we had our own staff manning our own servers at Rimu: Zu, David, and Carl.

But last night and this afternoon Ivan blew my mind away. A request from my chief developer for Tomcat and JVM updates and support resulted in a working solution within a few minutes. A few minutes. Let me just say that again. A few minutes.

I know you have a great support staff, but please do something nice for Ivan if you have something you typically do to reward your employees. Over the course of just a handful of emails Ivan has come up with working solutions and some really honest feedback. It turns out I hadn't looked at your latest hosting prices over the years, and Ivan informed me that we should have more ram for our servers at our current monthly hosting cost - or, he said we could down grade to represent what we're currently using and save on our monthly hosting costs.

With honesty like that I'll not only stay with our solution, but wouldn't hesitate to spend more on other features with you guys in the future. Honesty is such a rare characteristic in business today, and I just can't say enough good things about how Ivan pro actively communicated with us. Between this and the level of service and support, I'm one happy customer. I'll do whatever I can to recommend you to others as well as remain loyal to you as we grow.

This is a big moment for us, as we finally begin to roll out our betas. And there's no other hosting company I'd trust to be with right now than Rimu. From our days in Boston, to Chicago, and now finally in Palo Alto - I'm glad we've stuck with you. Thank you for running such a great company with such great employees. I realize sometimes support is decentralized, but if you're all in an office, I would be more than happy to pay for a lunch or some drinks. And whatever you do, hold on to guys like Ivan, they'll take your company really far.

- Atif (it is longer than a lot of our testimonials, thank you Atif, but it describes quite well how our support operates so we are including it here mostly unabridged) (#63/338)

You guys need a paypal tip jar. I love rimu, you guys are great techs, and your VPS setup is keen

- Chris (over IM) (#64/338)

I would love to know where I can add my own customer testimonial. The customer service you guys provide at Rimu is really a thing of wonder. I've worked in retail for 10-odd years and never seen its equal. Thank you very much.

- JC (in an email to us) (#65/338)

Sweet.  You guys ROCK!  And I say that again.  YOU GUYS ROCK! I'm dealing with another ISP that is oversold and suffering performance problems.  My sites are coming here soon.  Thanks again.

- Ryan (we have a few customer quotes along the 'rocking' theme now, thanks Ryan for your one) (#66/338)

You guys rock. There is no one out there who takes better care of Rails developers. Everything in your Rails stack Just Works.

- Mark (after we set him up with our RimuHosting Ruby on Rails Hosting Stack) (#67/338)

Rimu's awesome support is the competitive advantage over more-hyped hosting companies such as [another hosting company].

- Jason (#68/338)

I looked through your customer testimonials and I couldn't see a gushing quote from me on it anywhere! What gives? I'm going to have to stop gushing ....

- Will (long time customer. Keep up the gushing, we love positive feedback! (#69/338)

Just a little surprise to say thank you for all your hard work on the servers. The help is very much appreciated and there's no way this could have happened without it. You guys at Rimu are AWESOME! I'm not sure what your gaming tastes are, hopefully there's something here you'll like.

- Tom (in a note in a parcel of four games he had couriered to us. Thanks for the surprise Tom!) (#70/338)

p.s. I have to tell you that I have never been happier with a hosting situation in the decade+ that I've been doing this. The customer service you provide is extraordinary. I would never have thought prior to my experiences with your team that I would be bold enough to put all my eggs into one hosting basket. I look forward to many years with you.

- Tom (#71/338)

Thank you for a great experience so far. We ended up moving just in time - we've experienced double the traffic - and about 10 times our transactions. And the servers are holding up really really well. Carl and team did a great job.

- Jodi (after getting a few dedicated servers with us and changing their hosting to us) (#72/338)

The BBC are hosting their cutting edge projects at Rimu, and we're very happy with the service.

- Ian (Producer, BBC) (#73/338)

No support needed, I just wanted to thank your company and expert staff for such a wonderful hosting solution. I've always had a shared host with some other company and have always had nothing but problems, headaches, and frustration. Customer support and uptime were at an all time worst when I was refered to rimuhosting by a friend. Since then I have had nothing a wonderful experiance. I didn't need to know anything about owning my first vps as there was always someone standing by to answer my questions. Your staff even went as far as creating an AOL Instant messenger username to speak to me one on one to sort out my issues and get my site up and running. Thank you for such an awesome experiance and although the prices were slightly higher than the other ones I had researched, even though you offered me a slight bump in space and memory, I know understand that I am paying for top level customer service at its best which I have never seen with any other host. I'll be sure to place a 'hosted by' link on my site.

- Antonio (#74/338)

Thanks for fixing my schoolboy error with [that user account]. I have to say that I am astounded by the quality of your service -- many hosts would simply have shut down the box and left it to me to fix. So thanks once again!

- Rich (after we fixed a security exploit on his server) (#75/338)

So far everything has been really reliable, and the service has been just great. Responsive, knowledgeable, and nice [support staff]. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to just find 'nice,' let alone anything coupled with the other two.

- Trevor (#76/338)

Congratulations on the five year mark. You offer an excellent service at every level, and deserve your success. I have--I think--been a customer since the start, and have never had a single dissatisfaction or problem that was not promptly, professionally, and appropriately addressed. It is particularly encouraging to see how your growth has not hampered the personal touch you give to your business.

- Sam (has hosted with RimuHosting longer than any other current customer) (#77/338)

Just a quick note to congratulate you and your team on your 5 years of continued success! You've provided tremendous value and an outstanding level of support over the years. Keep up the good work!

- Joachim (#78/338)

Congrats on turning 5! I have to say that RimuHosting is by far the best hosting company I've ever worked with.

- Eric (on receiving our 5th anniversay newsletter) (#79/338)

Thank you for the great support over the years. It's a joy to get what you pay for and more! Every contact we have had is positive and we thank you!

- Gordon (after he received one of our newsletters) (#80/338)

We appreciate your excellent service and the media accolades are richly deserved. We have been hosting our accounting application on Rails and have never had a problem.

- Vinai (#81/338)

Rimu gives great service. Glad to hear you are doing well. Your support guys are great. They help your customers help themselves by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to run their own servers. You also don't treat us at dummies as many of my previous hosts have. I never seem to have to explain myself over and over again you guys get it right the first time!!

- Mike (#82/338)

WOW! This may strike you as corny, but when I got to the end of your email and then tried the simple site myself I literally left the computer and jumped for joy. :-D I wouldn't have had a prayer [getting this setup] had it not been for the people on your team. You have made a customer for life. And one who will go out of his way to tell others to sign on with RimuHosting. (I've already told one friend who is preparing to put his company online.) And Rails is pretty "in" right now (I know the feeling; I started with Java right before 1.1 came around) so hopefully I will be able to influence a slew of people. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- Larry (after we sorted out nginx for him) (#83/338)

Wow! Thanks for the speedy turnaround time, the discount and the kind words! Rimuhosting is living up to the positive things I've heard about it so far! :-)

- James (a Drupal developer after we did his server setup) (#84/338)

I've decided to use your company to host my website. I'd like you to know that the main thing that influenced my decision was the quick, cheery, and helpful support to my many questions. And could whoever is reading this email please forward it to some kind of supervisor/boss/owner so that they know the people on the front lines are doing a heckuva job that makes a *difference* to your company. Regardless, people never hesitate to complain, so I thought it would be nice to take a few minutes to say something nice.

- Larry (#85/338)

Just wanted to say how well the FTP site is working and thank all who were involved for the prompt help and support on the site.

- Dashiell (using their site to do group collaboration on large media files) (#86/338)

I'll be buying another VPS [with you] to run a number of other sites I've currently got hosted on [some other host], I'm much more happy with [RimuHosting] for a) the level of service here and b) the freedom of a VPS.

- Dan (#87/338)

I feel I should mention - you guys continue to be a joy to work with. Thanks for running such a terrific company.

- Ethan (out of the blue) (#88/338)

I know it's random, but you guys are awesome! I thought I'd give some positive feedback. I've always been pleased with the service, and am happy to be a Rimu customer.

- Chris (in an out of the blue email to us) (#89/338)

Thanks! I can really get used to this [kind of support]! You guys are the best. You should see what passes for support at some of your competitors' sites!

- Jan (after we helped out with a MySQL issue) (#90/338)

Thanks a lot for your great service - Rimuhosting is surely one of the best hosting providers around.

- Helge (when canceling (due to not having enough time to develop his site)) (#91/338)

Incredible!!!! Thank you SO much for the fast and extremely appreciated response. I was watching the site as you were doing the work - getting quite excited, I might add, as I watched the site do things that I'd not yet been able to do. Your explanation was extremely helpful!! Some reps might not have taken the time to explain those things, but I know have more knowledge which will hopefully help me prevent from doing things like this in the future, and thus preventing a ticket to you. :)

- Ryan (#92/338)

It is so frustrating to go through all the scams on the net just to find a simple hosting plan. Guess i am spoiled from having the vps before.

- Dave (an ex-customer, ordering a new server with us) (#93/338)

It's been a few months since I've joined Rimu and just wanted to say, it's absolutely amazing. The vps I have is quicker than any of my rackmount poweredge's!! The servers fire up instantly, the network is great, the uptime is amazing. Last but not least, the support. My gosh you guys are amazing! Thanks!!!!

- Chris (in a feedback ticket) (#94/338)

As I wrote in my previous letter, you're reading my mind. You know exactly what I have in it and what I want, you know how to achieve it! That is what I call truly professionalism! :)

- Svyatoslav (#95/338)

I ended up going with Rimu Hosting which was recommended to me by the founder of SliceHost himself. Their support team is insanely good. I've gotten responses within five minutes. And they also offer dedicated servers. So when my site gets huge, they can just move my VPS over to it's own machine.

- Anthony (in an online post) (#96/338)

Before moving out to start my own company I worked for a hosting company in the UKand I realise that customer service is one of the main differentiators in what is becoming a very commoditised market. While I initially came to you because of your low cost (I am a start up after all), I'm very impressed with the level of customer support you provide and I will certainly recommend you to friends. Please keep up the good work as your company grows.

- Alex (#97/338)

I don't usually post this kind of thing on my blog but when somebody experiences a level of customer service that seems to be so lacking these days, one feels the need to shout about it. In all the time I've been with RimuHosting I've experienced good uptime with problems being sorted out quickly and efficiently. if you are in the market for a personal geek-friendly VPS at a decent price with great support then consider this an obligatory plug for RimuHosting.

- Luke (on his blog (#98/338)

I ended up going with Rimu Hosting which was recommended to me by the founder of SliceHost himself. Their support team is insanely good. I've gotten responses within five minutes. And they also offer dedicated servers. So when my site gets huge, they can just move my VPS over to it's own machine.

- Anthony (in an online post) (#99/338)

I really enjoy working with you guys. You guys are wonderful in your job.

- Liju (#100/338)

You guys are great! Thanks for your service. I really find that you offer a LOT of value for your price!

- Jim (after doing a server upgrade for him) (#101/338)

Awesome -- thanks so much. Once again, I have to gush over Rimu's support -- speed, quality, and courtesy are simply unparalleled in my experience with hosting services.

- Robert (after sorting out a MySQL issue) (#102/338)

I would just like to tell all of you how pleased we are with your service. The setup was great, the response to questions from the support staff has been great. We are very happy to be working with RIMU, as it is making our jobs much easier.

- Allan (in a 'thank you' ticket) (#103/338)

Just a quick note to compliment you on your excellent support. I have opened two tickets since I opened my account, and both have been answered promptly with detailed explanations. In fact, in both cases, the support representatives, Adrian Deac and John Billings, went ahead and took the necessary steps to solve my problems themselves. I really appreciate the excellent help, as I am not a systems admin expert. The high quality of the support would make me recommend Rimu to anyone looking for hosting providers.

- Michael (in a ticket to us just to say thank you, most appreciated) (#104/338)

You guys seriously have the best service and plans out there.

- Jeremy (a long time customer who has multiple servers with us) (#105/338)

Your company really does live up to its support promise - which is quite rare.

- Darren (after we did some Apache/Rails work for him) (#106/338)

Your "unrefined" site design bothered me at first, but it does make me trust you more.

- Micah (at RimuHosting we try to be open and up-front about what we do. And 'one day' we will refine our site design, honest). (#107/338)

I'm always impressed with how quickly and efficiently you guys respond to any questions I submit, it's a level of service that I haven't gotten anywhere else. I guess I'll have to get used to it!

- Tristan (our service takes a little getting used to) (#108/338)

I've found that going the extra mile for the customer works in a lot of levels, its also feels a lot better since customers seem to appreciate the extra help a lot and that feels great too! =)

- RimuHosting Staff Member (not exactly a customer quote, but wouldn't you prefer to host where staff actually *prefer* to provide great service?) (#109/338)

Thank you very very much for such quick and detailed reply. :) I just can't believe to my luck that I found really quality hosting company, which really works, instead of sitting and putting barriers between them and their clients, like most companies do, nowdays. Keep up the good work, guys! :)

- Syvatoslav (#110/338)

Thanks for the deal. Also, just wanted to drop a note saying thank you again for making something that would be incredibly difficult with another a host into a very pleasant one-click upgrade. You guys never cease to amaze. Your loyal customer.

- Alan (after using a tool of ours to automatically upgrade his memory) (#111/338)

No, seriously, do you take tips?

- Chris (after we had setup some rails software for him, trying for the second time to express his satisfaction with our service) (#112/338)

I've been fighting with [some host] for weeks trying to get more than 1-sentence answer out of support for help. [some other host] is a bit more responsive, but they are a little slow for me and not a VPS. Then Rimu? I signed up, and in the "comments" box mentioned what I planned on doing with the VPS... 20mins later I get a personalized email from [one of our support staff] saying he has *already set everything up*. It just about blew my mind. You have managed to run the company in such a manner that it is growing, but the quality isn't going to hell in a hand basket.

- Riyad (talking about setting up an account with us) (#113/338)

However, you must believe me when I say that I've never been more impressed with a hosting company, and if and when (which I probably will) need the services you offer again, I will not think twice about choosing rimuhosting.

- Mathew (when canceling a server with us) (#114/338)

I think I have commented on this before but I am extremely impressed with efficient and timely responses by you guys also your knowledge base howtos are very helpful.

- Lee (providing more feedback after a simple password change for them) (#115/338)

You've been recommended to me as a company who takes the 'Customer Service' part seriously rather than just cheap empty marketing speak.

- Ryan (we seriously take serious customer service seriously) (#116/338)

I just set up VPS with Rimu yesterday and have to compliment you on a very nice service so far. It was pretty much effortless getting my site transferred over and set up.

- Ryan (a new customer) (#117/338)

Thanks a million, I really appreciate your excellent support service.

- Basel (after we dug deep resolving a problem with his Liferay/Openfire setup) (#118/338)

Your support is absolutely fanatical. You guys are so helpful that your empowering me to do much more with my server than I originally thought I would

- Benton (#119/338)

Firstly I'd like to say thanks for providing a great service. My VPS is basically my first real venture into the world of Linux. With help from your team and Google, it's been a breeze! (I'm now real keen to replace my windows laptop with a Mac.

- Adrian (#120/338)

We've evaluated your services compared to several other vendors and based on your service offerings and, in no small part, the *excellent* pre-sales response I've received from your technical staff, we've decided to go with RimuHosting for our modest hosting needs.

- Brunson (at RimuHosting we don't have 'sales' guys, just sysadmins who focus on answering your questions and advising you on the most suitable service for your needs) (#121/338)

Once again you guys amaze me with your knowledge and versatility. This sort of action on your part is one of the main reasons I am still with you guys for my hosting, and you constantly go above and beyond to assist.

- Hayden (after setting up dspam for him) (#122/338)

I am a 67 year old retired engineer who runs a charity. A few months ago I had not heard of Drupal, Apache was an Indian tribe and MySQL rhymed with bicycle. I chose RimuHosting on reading favorable comments in this very forum. But I found them to be even better. E-mails are answered in minutes. Configuration of my site was entirely done by John Billings at no additional cost. Moreover, John Billings is very knowleable of Drupal. Requests for functionality was implemented by insertion of small Jscripts at the right place at no cost. I would happily recommend RimuHosting to all.

- Husainsn (on his blog at http://drupal.org/node/171171) (#123/338)

Thank you very much, this company has been great. I really appreciate it.

- Kyle (after we had helped up with a server upgrade) (#124/338)

I wanted to tell you what a relief it is to find a friendly and competent hosting firm! I have had the run around from various firms that have provided such poor technical capability and support. Thank you for making this all so easy. The level of access and information you have provided has made the migration of my website almost trivial. You guys are excellent!

- Robert (in a feedback email to us) (#125/338)

Thanks! You guys have done a great job, and have really facilitated my progress towards self-reliance.

- Brian (when we resolve problems, we also try to explain what was done to help customers) (#126/338)

You are my hero, great job! I can't thank you enough for the continued support. You have saved me countless hours of work. Thanks a billion again.

- Dirk (after working some sysadmin magic to recover him from a failed Plesk upgrade) (#127/338)

Typical Rimu service - more than I asked for, and I learned something new in the process. You guys are fantastic. Thank you.

- Ethan (after we had responded to one of his support tickets) (#128/338)

Thanks so much, you guys really do have stellar support!

- Matt (after doing a plan change for him. Stellar support is just 'what we do'.) (#129/338)

I'd just like to say how impressed I am with your service so far. I've worked with a number of hosts over the years and I get a really good feeling about you guys.

- Rich (after a setup with our rails stack, we work hard to keep up that 'feel good' feeling) (#130/338)

Thanks very much for explaining to me what was going on and taking care of it. I really wasn't expecting that, but thank you very much. My second day with a VPS with Rimu and I can now really understand why your customers rave about you!

- Will (#131/338)

Awesome man!! You weren't kidding about great customer support!

- Josh ('Mighty Servers, Unbeatable Support', that's Rimuhosting) (#132/338)

Thank you. I am recommending Rimu at all the Ruby meetups whenever we have discussion on deployment options. East Bay, San Francisco and Silicon Valley meetups. You guys rock!!!

- Bala (#133/338)

If it was biologically possible I would have your babies.

- Matt (after Dominic here sorted out his sendmail/dovecot setup) (#134/338)

Thanks. This is the first time I've interacted with Rimuhosting support, and you made this a very nice experience which is why I'm glad I not only host my stuff there, but I recommend Rimuhosting for my clients as well.

- Tim (#135/338)

I love your simple, solid, and reliable approach. No unnecessary stuff that is in my way. Your support is fantastic. I just had to get that off my chest. Keep up the good work.

- Thomer (in a thank you support ticket) (#136/338)

I have been a customer long enough now to see that the uptime and the CPU performance of the VPS are excellent. I am real glad Rimuhosting is prospering, and you can count on me being a customer for a long time to come.

- Lloyd (in a thank you note to us) (#137/338)

Rimuhosting are based out of New Zealand, but offer VPS hosts in Australia, the US and Europe. Their support is excellent, and the servers are reliable. They don't make a song and dance about their support for Wordpress, but its all there.

- http://www.publicityship.com.au/publicityship-blog/publicityship-uses-rimuhosting-for-wordpress/ (#138/338)

That's brilliant, thanks very much for your help. Thanks also for the explanations of things...it's always interesting to gain a little bit of understanding at least!

- Keavy (after helping with his rails setup) (#139/338)

I must say, I am very happy with the support you and your crew are analysis and DB development, and other folks would do the sysadmin. This is like having that same setup, except you guys are more responsive.

- Erik (RimuHosting: like having your own personal sysadmin support team, but better) (#140/338)

RimuHosting seemed to have the best overall word of mouth, particularly on their customer support. The folk I contacted there were friendly and willing to setup the server to any specification I wanted. They also offer a small discount for folk hosting open source software. I signed up to one of the RimuHosting MiroVPS plans a few weeks ago, and have been very happy with the decision so far. The site has good documentation and I've been able to follow their guidelines and handy scripts for getting the environment set-up how I want it. So far everything has Just Worked, which is great. They get my recommendation.

- ldodds (in a review on his site) (#141/338)

Wow, you guys really really ROCK. I did not at all expect for you to go ahead and install Zimbra. I just thought I would mention that on the order form to give you some statistics about what people are using the servers for (and give you a chance to say "hey, you need a bigger box for that"). Really. Wow. As usual you are going beyond the expected.

- Ken (after we installed Zimbra for him) (#142/338)

I tried you guys out before when I worked on a project for a friend ([edited].com). The setup was great - just root access on a linux box - yay! Worked really well so I've decided to put my own stuff with you guys.

- Hamish (be warned: once you've worked on a RimuHosting server and with our RimuHosting staff you will not want to host anything anywhere else) (#143/338)

This just to let you know that everything seems great in my new VPS and thanks for you speedy help. I am already impressed by the level of service, the fast replies to email and the fact that standard setup for webmin is using ssl ! Its a Sunday here in Indonesia, I never dreamed that I could achieve the purchase and setup all within the couple of hours you guys have delivered in. And that was with problems at my end with payments! Access seems fast even on my slow connection speed, wow. Again, thanks and good job!

- Brett (#144/338)

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the good job. I'm a very happy customer and have been so for the past few years. I run a small business and the one thing I don't have to worry about is our web presence - I know you folks have it under control.

- Dave (Dave, Silpon Designs, http://www.silpon.com) (#145/338)

I appreciate your helpfulness. This is just the sort of thing that makes some hosts stand apart.

- Mario (after we did a rails install for him) (#146/338)

You guys are great

- Various people on the 'great' theme including (Stephen, Jeremy) (#147/338)

You guys rock

- Various people on the 'rock' theme including (Bala, Ian, Ken, Neil, Chris, Ryan, James, Ming, Umut, Melyss, Dan, Tony) (#148/338)

Perfect. It works. Your service is awesome. Quote me.

- Robert Vogel (after fixing a ruby ssl binding issue) (#149/338)

Thanks for working with Jonathan to get this fixed. I love coming back from a trip without internet access to see that you guys are willing to work closely with us to get this type of problem resolved.

- Mike (after we sorted out some hardware issues on his dedicated server, including RAID array recoveries so he did not lose data) (#150/338)

Love you guys; best decision we ever made moving our website to rimuhosting.com.

- Benjamin (after helping with a .htaccess file query) (#151/338)

Little customer friendly things like this are how you can differentiate yourself from the big players in the market.

- David (after a couple of friendly billing reminders) (#152/338)

I must tell you guys that the support you have given so far has been amazing and will definitely do business with your company again!

- Paul (#153/338)

You guys rock, as usual!

- Neil (after an additional server order) (#154/338)

Unheard of, a friendly human voice in the technical jungle...

- Surj (summing up exactly what we try to be) (#155/338)

I love doing business with you guys.

- Mike (and this is just after we sent him a billing reminder!) (#156/338)

Wow! You guys are rock stars!! You consistently blow me away with your amazing tech support. Thank you.

- Tom (after we did some domxml-foo for him) (#157/338)

Wow, as usual with Rimu, over-the-top tech support.

- Jeff (after we worked on a rails issue for him) (#158/338)

This is already the best hosting company I've ever had :)

- Jacob (after we did a few simple setup tasks. Some people are easy to please, we also do our best to make more demanding customers ecstatic about our service) (#159/338)

I'm very pleased with the service I receive at RimuHosting, and I'm looking forward to another fruitful year with you folks.

- Lloyd (after opting to pay another year in advance with us) (#160/338)

BTW I've got a rails app up and running with Apache2/mongrel - it's fantastic, the site runs so quickly I can hardly believe it ([my RimuHosting site] vs. [my old site]). I about gave up on rails when I saw how slow it runs on shared setups.

- Aaron (about his Ruby on Rails setup) (#161/338)

Btw, i would like to say thanks to you guys. I'm extremely happy with the server and your service so far. This has been the smoothest server transition i've ever done (and considering how much i generally dislike it, i have done way too many) and server performance is excellent. I'm already recommending you all over the place :).

- Sebastian (#162/338)

It is so nice to experience such great support when the norm is so lacklustre.

- Gavin (after helping out with a server reinstall. We work hard to make great service the norm around here.) (#163/338)

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. We're thrilled with your service.

- Michael (#164/338)

The support on my other VPS server has been phenomenal!

- Galen (when ordering his second server with us) (#165/338)

BTW: Where am I supposed to post nice things about your guys? :)

- Steve (after helping him out with a RoR sysadmin task) (#166/338)

Thank you so much for your understanding. You guys are the best hosting company that we have ever worked with.

- Joshua (while co-ordinating some server work for him) (#167/338)

I've been boasting about the quality of RimuHosting service to my boss for awhile now ... which is why we purchased this VPS plan to do some of our hosting. This is another example of your stellar service. Thanks alot!

- Chris (#168/338)

your service has been exceptional. It is why you got our business. I had been working with a handful of other hosting companies - your responses were the best and you give the impression that you want to help.

- Jeff (we work hard to provide great service from pre-sales right through to helping out with your server years down the track) (#169/338)

I can't believe I've got a server working perfectly in just a day. This is a big boost for my business.

- Richard (after we helped get him going) (#170/338)

I was actually at the airport when this problem occured, and was most impressed with your speedy response, which allowed me to board my flight knowing the problems had been resolved. You guys rock!

- James (after sorting out a disk space issue for him) (#171/338)

Thanks. I logged in, looks great and smells like fresh air after shared hosting with [a popular webhost who shall go nameless]. I can install the packages myself.

- Zak (after a quick setup from us) (#172/338)

Thanks very much for all your help. Have I mentioned recently that you guys are great? Hands down, far and away the best provider I've *ever* had.

- Stephen (#173/338)

You guys truly are the greatest hosting service out there. I am consistently impressed with how well you treat your customers.

- Joshua, after we sorted out a plan upgrade for him (#174/338)

I'm in shock. I don't normally get this kind of treatment from a hosting company.

- Paul on his blog (#175/338)

I have nothing but praise for RimuHosting, their service and their support is impeccable, if you're looking for a webhosting solution, you cannot do better!

- Jerry on his site (#176/338)

A while back, Dizzy and I decided to split a virtual private server (running Debian) from RimuHosting. While setting up yet another domain just now, I realized that I've forgotten to post about them, so herewith I correct the oversight. In short, they are great! Rock solid hosting, timely and knowledgeable service, datacenters around the Anglosphere, and great prices made even better by discounts for folks who contribute to open-source projects. My only complaint is you can't IM them via Jabber, only AIM, MSN, and Yahoo (c'mon guys, get with open source and open standards!). If you are a looking for a hosting service, I cannot recommend RimuHosting highly enough. Kudos, Rimu!

- Peter St Andre (the patron saint of Jabber and all-round genius on his blog. PS: we do have jabber IDs. And they are (now) listed on our contacts page.) (#177/338)

I just wanted to email you and your team of people and say that your service and support are top notch. I really appreciate how responsive you are problems. Everyone I have had to contact via support is very friendly and make the extra effort to help me. Your patience with me means the world as I have learned a great deal.

- Chris (#178/338)

You rock!

- Dan (after sorting out an FTP file permission error for him) (#179/338)

I'm still very impressed with you guys, and how much better VPS hosting is than shared. I got Rails, SVN and Switchtower setup in about an hour today, it took more like 6 to get everything working on [some other host] (spit).

- James (#180/338)

Really appreciate that. I've never had a response from IT support that fast and that good on a Sunday, not even in the years I've spent working in the banking sector.... Exceptional!

- Dan (after we did a MySQL restore for him) (#181/338)

That's precisely the problem! Marvelous that you found it. Thanks so much for going above and beyond, as always. I just can't say enough good things about you guys.

- Stephen (after helping out with an email client issue) (#182/338)

This is the third time I've been pleasantly surprised by how you stick true to the 'support worth raving about' mantra. I'll be sure to spread the word.

- Alan (after we did a reinstall for him) (#183/338)

RealMetrics would like to recognize RimuHosting with our VPS July 2006 'CPU Speed' Award. [Also] RimuHosting has a fantastic average response time of 6 minutes! As compared to the other hosts we monitor, this speed will give RimuHosting a full 10 out of 10 ranking.

- Rick @ RealMetrics (we aim to respond to most things in 1-4 hours BTW) (#184/338)

Happy sysadmin day, Peter. Thanks for all the help and hard work you guys do on my behalf. I used to run a pretty big webhosting company - xxxxx.com. Our sysadmins worked harder, longer and better than anyone else in the company. And because things so rarely broke, people had no idea how hard those sysadmins worked. Because of that, I'm religious about celebrating sysadmin day...

- Ethan (after sending us an unsolicited ThinkGeek gift certificate on sysadmin day) (#185/338)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE UNSURPASSED SERVICE LEVEL. You guys are amazing and I will encourage all friends to use your services.

- William (we don't like to SHOUT out about our service, but we're more than happy when customers do!) (#186/338)

Because of your Rails Stack install, you saved me HOURS of time, and I had my app running in less than 30 minutes! That was cool.

- Brian (#187/338)

Service like this is why I tell anyone who will listen just how awesome your company is. Thanks once again for going above and beyond. Everything with the SSI stuff is now working perfectly.

- Jennifer (after sorting out some Apache SSI issues for her. Plus read her great RimuHosting review) (#188/338)

Day One of the new VPS, and it's AWESOME. I can't believe I didn't just start out with you all. The performance is insane, and having root access on a server is a breath of fresh air. 'Hey, I need X. <installs X>' instead of 'Wheedle wheedle sysadmin please install X.' Rock.

- Ming (happy with the performance and flexibility he gets from his VPS) (#189/338)

I really spent a long while reading and researching my choices. Please keep in mind that my priorities are almost certainly not yours. For me, Rimuhosting was definitely the best choice. Let me explain my thinking...

- Bruce (#190/338)

I'm glad I chose Rimuhosting after experiencing the prompt and professional support I get from you.

- Javed (we work hard to keep customers happy) (#191/338)

Glad to be back with rimuhosting, one month on a cheap and nasty basic plesk hosting plan and I was missing you guys :)

- Ben (after a brief flirtation with another hosting company) (#192/338)

Nothing in particular sparked this email, except when I checked my server and realized that my server is coming on 90 days of problem-free uptime. I really have to express again how satisfied I have been with your service, support, and pricing -- and I sincerely hope that you can keep up this outstanding performance.

- Jeff (in an out-of-the-blue email) (#193/338)

I can't believe you set up my server so fast and even responded my e-mail. It is unbelievable. :) You simply rock.... Thanks a lot for this perfect service.

- Umut (after a quick setup. Our sysadmins work hard to be responsive and provide a great service.) (#194/338)

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome service! It's been less than a week since I placed my order and I'm almost fully set up (thanks to the *fantastic* documentation on your website). Migrated two J2EE development webapps over here and am thrilled with the performance. Totally satisfied, I'm recommending rimuhosting to everyone I speak with. :)

- Kevin (out of the blue via email) (#195/338)

I don't know what to say.... I'm a bit stunned, this is not the kind of thing that happens to me. I really appreciate it and I'll be recommending you.

- Jerry (After we worked out some custom pricing for him. If you want 'stunning' customer service too, then become a RimuHosting server owner.) (#196/338)

While Rimu's site isn't the best to look at, within 10 seconds I can find *in depth guides* to running and installing almost any service I would consider. Go to more "corporatey" sites like G*****y or L*****b, and it will take you 5mins to find the FAQ and 10mins to realize it was outsourced and written by a marketing graduate. Totally useless.

- Riyad (On our website. One day we'll make it pretty. Promise!) (#197/338)

Thank you thank you thank you. This has been giving me grief for a week. Oh happy day!! I'd hug you if I could.

- Susie (after we fixed a nagging little problem on her server) (#198/338)

Thanks very much for the swift response; you and the RimuHosting crew continue to amaze me with your level of customer support.

- Henry (after we fixed a forgotten password problem for him) (#199/338)

[RimuHosting] provide the best support I've ever heard, read, or asked for. They now perfectly their stuff, and work on your problems with reckless abandon till they got the solution... Today makes two years of successful, fun and relaxing hosting with them (^:

Oh, heavens!!! A hosting company with PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!! I've been at internet business for a decade, and it's the first time I see someone speaking as a person in a inet company.

- Pedro (finding out that we work hard to give quality, personal service along with great hosting) (#201/338)

This is over-the-top tech support, as I was promised by Ezra who steered me to you guys. Really appreciate it.

- Jeff (After helping out with a svn/dav issue. We get a few comments along these lines, but you can never have too much of this kind of feedback) (#202/338)

Just a random word of praise. I recommend RimuHosting to everyone I know who is in the market for hosting, which has been quite a few people lately. Especially the poor sods unlucky enough to be on **** (man they suck). People who investigate say that you are by far the best offering and price out there. How can you be so cheap (err, inexpensive) and still give such good service?

- Chad (long-time customer, via a feedback email to us) (#203/338)

Thanks a lot :) I've only been here for a day, but I'm starting to see why you come recommended.

- Jakob (after getting some assistance from us) (#204/338)

I just wanted to take a moment and say "thanks!" for the great support and service being provided by you folks. Every support ticket I've entered has garnered a rapid, helpful, and dead-on response, even when I've asked a dumb question or totally misunderstood a feature. so, thanks!

- Jeff (giving us some feedback a month after starting hosting with us) (#205/338)

Geez, i thought you guys were doing quite well but with this kind of service I must be your only customer.

- Greg (customer - and brother of RimuHosting.com owner - after we sorted out a Mambo vulnerability for him) (#206/338)

I'm now sure that going with rimuhosting.com was the best move. Thanks for your help I really appreciated. - Harvey - one satisfied customer.

- Harvey (after we did a custom Ruby/Rails setup for him) (#207/338)

Thank you for the excellent support. My day-job company signed $600M outsourcing deal but the service and support is far from the one I get through you.

- Juraj (after we sorted out a tomcat issue for him) (#208/338)

You rock! Thanks! It's been a pleasure so far using your hosting service!

- Melyss (after we setup her second VPS with us) (#209/338)

Thanks for all the tips. I checked out all the HowTo pages -- very nice. Sure saved me alot of time -- researching all the packaging I need to know. Wished I'd come here for my other website development a couple of years ago.

- Tina (#210/338)

This is why we love you guys - everything done with no hassle in under an hour!

- Peter (Hassle-free hosting anyone? Feedback from a repeat customer after we setup a new server for them) (#211/338)

Many of you have read my recommendation for www.rimuhosting.com before. If so, skip this one. I highly recommend www.rimuhosting.com. Been using them for nearly 2 years. Support is VERY GOOD and timely. They are very knowledgeable on Linux, JBoss, Apache, Tomcat and MySQL and easy to get along with.

- Hugh Allen (in a mailing list post) (#212/338)

Thank you all for your help, your good work, and your pleasant support.

- Remon (after we did an urgen SSL cert install for him) (#213/338)

I am writing to say that I am absolutely floored with the exceptional support I was given. The account was setup in just over an hour. I had a technical problem connecting to my new VPS. After an hour or so of troubleshooting, the problem was resolved. The problem was NOT WITH THEIR SERVICE, it was a configuration issue with the ssh client on my Mac. Instead of getting the standard "it's not our problem" so often heard from IT support people, Peter of Rimu patiently helped to resolve my issue. I've been an IT consultant and developer for over ten years, and I've never had such a good support experience. Print it on a sign, put it on your website, take an ad out in the local paper - I say you guys are great, and I hope for the success of your business.

- Paul Rezzano (finding out that we don't pass the support buck) (#214/338)

Thanks a million for your help. Having dealt with other hosting providers who a) don't have a clue or b) don't have (or make) the time to help or c) just ignore you, it really is a breath of fresh air to get so much help. Frankly, I am astonished by how much you give for such a reasonable price. And you can stick that on your web site ;-)

- Rob (After we spent a little time setting up PHP5 for him. And you bet we'll put this on our site!) (#215/338)

BTW is there someplace I can go to give you guys a plug or kudos. I have been amazed by your level of service especially considering my occasional 'dumb user' questions.

- Robert (via email) (#216/338)

Thanks for your great hosting service. The performance of your xen vps accounts is amazing. I have used Virtuozzo, VMware and User Mode Linux VPS systems and none of them come close to Xen. It is hard to tell the difference form a dedicated box when compiling and other processor intensive tasks. Expect many more people to move to your service as I recommend it to rails developers looking for a better hosting solution.

- Ezra (happy with our servers for their great performance and ruby on rails hosting abilities) (#217/338)

You make it easy for us to recommend you in good conscience, with your rapid responsiveness to problems and queries, and the effort that you put to communicating well. Keep up the great work!

- Andrew (after referring a new customer to us) (#218/338)

[The Xen VPS performance is] pretty impressive. It rebuilds my whole NanoBlogger static site in 7.62 seconds. My previous _dedicated_ server with a physical AMD Sempron @ 1.67GHz and 256MB of RAM took 11.89 seconds to do the same

- Guillem (about his RimuHosting VPS being 36% faster than his previous host's dedicated server) (#219/338)

Wow, thanks for the great service! You have exceeded my expectations, which is not an easy thing to do.

- Chris (after we did a quick upgrade for him) (#220/338)

Glad I was able to find you guys in the forest of hosting providers out there. I was most impressed by the commuinty atmosphere, and your dedication to Open Source (even offering os developers discounts). Also, your dedication to providing value instead of ramming as many customers as possible on each box.

- Shawn (when signing up with us) (#221/338)

I could not have completed any of this without your help. I was in over my head a few times with this project (it is the biggest I have ever done) and you guys bailed me out everytime. I have learned so much corresponding with you both. Never have I dealt with a company that had support as helpful, knowledgeable and efficient as your team, in any industry. I will always refer clients your direction and sing your praise any chance I get.

- Luke (after getting his new venture up and running on a RimuHosting server) (#222/338)

A testimonial - really we mean it!! - thank you - keep it up: Moving to Rimu Hosting has added a tremendous certainty to our business - thank you ! Your service, support and hosing solution is simply world class. For the first time we feel confident to expand our on-line business knowing our hosting company will not let us down.

- Stephen Maguire, Director Zicom Systems (#223/338)

I don't know how to thank you guys for support, you are really quite unique in the industry.

- Jaques (after we helped fix a Plesk control panel upgrade gone bad) (#224/338)

Another thing that has impressed me is how thorough the support tickets have been. After installing Confluence, they sent me a line-by-line account of what they did, in actual English (peppered with linux-speak of course). I really appreciate how they've taken time to explain things to me (so I wouldn't have to ask them again!) - this is something I've seen lacking in many otherwise good hosts.

- John (over on the Confluence wiki) (#225/338)

I've had a US-based Rimuhosting UML machine for over a year now, and I can confirm that they are _really good_.

- Nic (recommending us at NZ Linux resource mailing list) (#226/338)

And I've got to say, a lot of companies have quotes from satisfied customers on their website, and they don't live up to them. You guys have definitely lived up to yours. Consider me a satisfied customer already.

- Michael (after we did a custom PHP5 install for him) (#227/338)

Your polite and knowledgeable support was probably the main reason I kept with you guys...

- Charles (long time VPS customer, ordering a dedicated server) (#228/338)

I've only encountered one other net services company where two out of two reps were both knowledgeable and quick-to-respond like this. It's quite refreshing.

- Carl (after answering a few queries for him after we setup his server) (#229/338)

On a side note, I've got to say, my experience since I've changed to Rimu has been unmatched by any of my prior hosts. You guys know your stuff and have been a great help through my 'growing pains'. The hosting plans are solid, generous and a joy to work with--who could ask for any more control over their environment?

- Jason (after we helped out a bit with subversion and viewcvs setup) (#230/338)

[RimuHosting are] smart and love their work. Unlike a lot of providers, there's no dopey help desk: They hear you when you talk geek. And, more important, they hear you when you just hosed the web server and can't remember a word of geek. It's your life and your box. They owe you nothing but warm hardware. What's great, though, is how much farther they'll go when you need it. Uptime has been wonderful. They are vigilant; they anticipate problems; and in the unlikely event you spot something before they do, they respond right away. We pay $19.95 a month for this. Never has anyone gotten better value from a dollar.

- Ben (posting to the harp-l mailing list) (#231/338)

You guys have the best support. It's totally appreciated! :)

- Mark (after tracking down a MovableType problem to a stray .htaccess file) (#232/338)

My server was unreachable and before I can even report the problem you are already working on it. =) Thanks again for the top-notch support!

- William (Problems happen every now and then - even if a lot of hosts will not admit it. We work hard to repond quickly and effectively to any issue that arises.) (#233/338)

This is outstanding. Your level of service is to be commended, as always. Your expertise is much appreciated.

- Ron (after we did a Liferay portal server install for him) (#234/338)

Thank you for you help! Your support is truly the best I've had from any ISP! Keep up the great work!

- Joachim (after figuring out why one particular user was not receiving email) (#235/338)

As usual, i am incredibly pleased with your service. I think this bears repeating, so, at the risk of being repetitive -- you guys really do a great job. I am consistently impressed with your great service, good product, and just plain common sense. I hope the business is going well; you deserve it.

- Sam (after we set up his second VPS) (#236/338)

Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the truly superb service you provide. I have been through quite a few providers in the last few years and no one comes close to providing the value you do. But your customer support is truly extraordinary and makes me very confident as a customer. Keep it up!

- Jeff (#237/338)

I must say I'm still in awe of the excellent service. It's just amazing!

- Ron (after we helped out with a few webmail and Tomcat support tickets) (#238/338)

I'm so happy you guys don't suck :) It is hard to come by hosting companies that actually help and care and will talk to you like a human.

- Howard (damning us with faint praise?) (#239/338)

Thanks to you guys for the very polite and professional attitude in your communications. Just goes to show Technical does not have to mean Arrogant and Patronizing. We get that a lot elsewhere.

- Stephen (#240/338)

I just wanted to stop and thank you for the BEST service I have ever received from any hosting service. You try harder and it shows!

- Corey (he submitted a ticket just to tell us this) (#241/338)

Oh mate! Lifesaver to the max! :) I almost got out the petrol can to set fire to the office and do a runner!

- Brendon (after we restored a MySQL database one of our backups. Proving, once again, that you can never have too many backups) (#242/338)

I wasn't paying attention to your service because It Just Worked. Now I've discovered your Control Panel, with DNS service, backup MX and backup space via FTP.

I have been _paying_ for months to other companies for DNS services (DirectNIC) and a second VPS ([at another VPS host]) mainly used as a backup MX and backup space. Just because I didn't know that I already had all these services at RimuHosting, under a single management interface and at no extra cost!

- Guillaume (after discovering a few services we have been adding recently) (#243/338)

Thanks for a prompt service. So far I'm very pleased with my new Rimu VPS. It works smoothly and the instalations is well thought [out]. Also it works very fast. I was using another provider's VPS last month and it was very bad, was very slow (even on a 12 Gb RAM server with 4 CPUs) and the installation was all messy. So I'm definitely switching to Rimu, and already canceled my [editted] VPS.

- Alexis (impressed with their new VPS setup) (#244/338)

Thank you very much for setting that up so quickly. I don't know of anywhere else that you can have root access on a new installation in such a short period of time. Great stuff...

- Ryan (after a quick setup) (#245/338)

Many thanks to your excellent service. Everyday you prove to me that your company's support is the reason I left [xxxx]'s service. It is simply great! I will refer you to my future customers!

- Ahmad (after helping out with a memory increase) (#246/338)

I really appreciate that you took the time to investigate and to bail me out. I hope you know I already regarded your service as Beyond the Call, but this went beyond even that. Thanks again -- and for what it's worth, I'll let the thousand-odd subscribers of the list know how much we value our relationship with RimuHosting.

- Ben (after sorting out a VirtualHost problem) (#247/338)

I've been SERIOUSLY impressed with the support response from you guys. Especially when I get an email at like 11:30 at night (barely 30 minutes after I sent in the support request or question) and it's actually helpful! You rock!

- Dan (after a quick setup and a bit of Tomcat help) (#248/338)

Note this is our third server. Woo! We really appreciate the quality of service we've gotten from y'all, so we're continuing to migrate services onto your machines. Keep up the good work!

- Stu (On a new order. Nothing says 'happy customer' like repeat orders) (#249/338)

Thank you so very much! I sincerely doubt I'd get this kind of help from [other hosts].

- Derek (after we did a Subversion source code control install and setup svn/WebDAV integration for him) (#250/338)

The service was very fast and very informed. They really know J2EE, MySQL and Linux! If you are building something more than 'plain vanilla' and need a higher level of control - you should strongly consider this service over the larger less service oriented hosting options.

- Michael (a JBoss and MySQL user giving us a quote) (#251/338)

I have been impressed with the price, products, and support of Rimu for a while now. Is there any way I can help out, i.e. providing positive feedback or writing a review or something?

- Geoff (after his second VPS order) (#252/338)

I just wanted to thank everybody there at Rimuhosting, because I now have sufficient knowledge of my virtual VPS to be able to just develop my apps and install them, without being so confused, as i was initially. I really like my VPS machine, and i think the service is excellent.

- Bill (after we helped him working through some of our howtos) (#253/338)

I really appreciate the level of support you have provided and am chuffed that the Email server is now all set up. The level of service you have provided has been fantastic.

- Nasir (after we setup qmail from scratch and migrated over 1GB of email to his new server with us (#254/338)

Thanks for the help. You guys are pretty good.

- Kansen (damning us with faint praise after we solved a Tomcat virtual host problem?) (#255/338)

Thanks again as ever your service is second to none, I really appreciate you helping with this stuff.

- Jason (after sorting out some Perl path issues that had him 'googled out') (#256/338)

Just a simple remark on your mail backup service : great!!!

- Guillaume (after discovering a new service we offer) (#257/338)

I am now hosting humandoing.net on a nice little VPS from RimuHosting. The service these guys provide is off the charts, and by far the best bang-for-buck factor I have been able to find. Highly recommended.

- http://www.humandoing.net/ (#258/338)

Thank you for the support you have given me (and the other customers of course) this year! I'm really satisfied with your services!

- Vincent (#259/338)

Your service has been excellent over the past year and we just wanted to say a small thankyou.

- Richard (after sending us a couple of very fine bottles of Aussie reds) (#260/338)

Thanks for the prompt response. So far my experience with RimuHosting is being awesome.

- Terry, a new cusomer (after helping out with a simple request) (#261/338)

Just to say I've been very impressed with the response of both the servers and the humans at RimuHosting. By far the best hosting service it has been my good fortune to discover.

- David (#262/338)

Thank you guys! If the company ever needs a referal or a recommendation, let me know - you guys rock!

- JBoss User (after we did a custom JBoss install/upgrade for them) (#263/338)

You're the best hosts I've ever had and would recommend you in an instant to friends.

- Matt (#264/338)

Awesome! This is freakin' awesome! I owe you a beer. Or if you aren't a beer drinker, I dunno, a glass of wine or port or a nice brandy or... I dunno, you might not be a drinker. I dunno, a coffee or tea or cola or pomegranate juice or whatever you take. Suffice it to say I owe you lack of thirst. Inebriation optional. You guys are dangerously awesome. Awesome!

- Nigel (after we refused to give up on a rather difficult application install. And for the record we've been known to drink the odd beer or wine). (#265/338)

I am really pleased to find somebody who really knows about java development, many of the other shops just offer out of the box stuff and cant really help you much beyond their package. And, i like the VPS technology in that i can treat it like my own physical server even though it is literally shared.

- Bill (#266/338)

I have to say that once again your support response time makes lightning look sluggish, and is so helpful that it's starting to spook me!

- Martin (after answering some sales questions about a 2nd VPS) (#267/338)

I really appreciate your patience and effort. It seems like you created a company that would treat unix nerds the way we always wanted to be treated, so I'm happy to be a customer.

- Lawrence (#268/338)

Fantastic, you guys are great. Thanks again for helping me get off the ground so easily!

- Mike (after getting his new VPS, and us doing a custom PHP5 and MySQL 4 install on it) (#269/338)

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you that you have made a very good first impression with your service. I have been trying to get this code to run on another ISP for about a week. They basically told me it could not work. All I did was transfer the files over to the server you provided me, restarted Tomcat and everything works perfectly.

- Luke (after some help getting a webapp going) (#270/338)

You folks are the *best*! I was really nervous when choosing who to use for my VPS, but your service and support has been excellent! Keep it up!

- Jeff (after we responded to an rdns request) (#271/338)

Could you please resend me your postal address as we would like to send you a few bottles of wine for you fantastic support over the past 6 months.

- Richard Wallace (working to provide good support can be intoxicating) (#272/338)

I have been delighted with the level of support I have been getting from Rimuhosting compared to the previous company I was using. I had some initial concerns moving from a shared webhost with a very power server and 4GB memory to a VPS but the server has been performing beautifully.

- John (#273/338)

BTW, thanks for recommending Plesk. Allowing Plesk to do what I've always done via webmin has taken some adjustment, but it delivers quite a bit value for the occasional frustration one lives with. I now have a much better grasp of the resources each domain is consuming which has been very handy. Thanks again.

- John (#274/338)

I am still absolutely amazed, delighted and dumbfounded at the value of this package for the money. Great work, guys.

- Don (#275/338)

Thanks for getting things back to normal for me, yes everything looks fine now. Your company has the absolute best response to any hosting company hands down!

- Jeff (after squaring away a php/gd2 problem) (#276/338)

You guys seem like capable engineers who know what is important and are committed to fairness, openness, and honesty.

- Stuart (summing up very nicely the kind of service we try hard to provide) (#277/338)

Once again I am humbled by your expertise. Thanks so much for your help and sound advice!

- Ian (after grappling with a couple of ftp and webmin problems) (#278/338)

Wow you guys are fast. I wasn't expecting to hear back until tomorrow morning.

- Daniel (after a reboot request) (#279/338)

Thanks again, I'm glad we found you. Quite a fluke really :)

- Dave (After we helped installed a trouble ticket system - OTRS - for him) (#280/338)

Thanks for the great service - we are recommending you guys to other people as well. We were looking a long time for a reliable hosting service with good service

- Leo (#281/338)

Very good to be back with you. I really really like your support and dedication.

- Rob (ordering a new VPS) (#282/338)

Who really cares about gmail? For $20 a month, you can get your own virtual linux server from Rimuhosting.com and run not only unlimited web servers from it, but can also run a mail server. Install squirrelmail from the link above and you have a highly accessible mail account that will rival gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. If you think about all the things that you can really do with Rimuhosting, it's mind boggling how much money you can really save!

- John in his blog http://johnvu.net/blog/archives/000196.php (#283/338)

My new hosting is done by a company based out of New Zealand (their servers are based in the US) called RimuHosting. My service thus far has been beyond amazing. Their tech support _really_ knows what they're doing. They offer great packages starting at $20.00 a month for Linux and support 3 different distros for your pickin'. All servers are bare bones and it's totally up to you to configure them. They also install Webmin as a free web based admin tool. I really recommend these guys if you're in the need for hosting.

- Ian in his blog http://www.ianashley.org/weblog/2004/07/rules-of-hosting.html (#284/338)

As a grad student, funds tend to be scare, be it your own or your lab's. However, for a measly $20USD a month, you can have your own virtual linux server on the internet to do whatever you wish. The service is provided by up-and-coming Rimuhosting.

- The Struggling Grad Student blog http://mdphdstudent.blogspot.com/ (#285/338)

This is seriously good service!

- Paddy (after answering a nptl-related ticket) (#286/338)

I chose Rimuhosting as they pre-install Jetty and JBoss which panders to my Java bias. A number of months down the line I can say that it is a good experience. There were a couple of teething issues on the host box that I was running on during the development phase of the project. Both times though rimuhosting were very quick to respond and fix the errors. I can strongly recommend trying out VPS to anyone that is going to setup a database driven site.

- 'simbo' at http://opendeveloper.org/node/view/69 (#287/338)

It's a great service, and I've learned so much already about linux. It's fairly easy to recommend something that you like. =)

- Ken (after referring someone to RimuHosting) (#288/338)

I have one of your excellent VPSs. I can't rate them highly enough - I have only had one outage in about three months which is a heck of a lot better than I could manage when it was running at home ;-)

- Tim (#289/338)

Frankly, I was a bit skeptical about signing up with you guys - not being local or a known name to us - but you just scored huge points for this quick, personal email! Thanks for impressing us already.

- Tony (after getting a personal email - with a couple of tips - from us shortly after he ordered) (#290/338)

Previous host -> 6 Support Tickets, 2 Critical, Turn around time = 3 Weeks (3 never got resolved). Rimu -> 3 Support Tickets, Turn around time = 1 day. Me = Happy. Glad I switched to Rimu!

- Kevin (discovering the RimuHosting feel-good factor) (#291/338)

You rock! This is the kind of customer care that makes the difference between average and extraodinary. Thanks!!!

- Tony (after sorting out a combination of kernel and JBoss issues) (#292/338)

Just thanking you guys, I've been a customer over 2 months and not 1 complaint! Great server, 100% uptime, fast pipes, etc. Thanks!

- Adam (out of the blue via IM) (#293/338)

Thanks very much, that's awesomely fast service. I've been very happy with my VPS since the host14 problems were resolved.

- Anton (after we did an upgrade for him, and after fixing a hardware problem on his server) (#294/338)

My VPS had an uptime of 280 days. Considering that the latest reboot was for a kernel upgrade, I am quite pleased with this statistic.

- Hal (even Linux servers need to be rebooted every now and then) (#295/338)

The whole team here loves your services, and Joe*, one of our rock star engineers, even signed up for his own personal account because he loved you guys so much! Keep up the awesome work.

- Tony (* name changed to protect the modest) (#296/338)

I must mention that I am extremely happy with my RimuHosting account. The machine and network speed and uptime have been fabulous. In fact some of my clients are very pleased at the services that I have managed to offer from my VPS. Keep up the good work.

- Chirayu (#297/338)

BTW, great response from the VPS so far-- I built emacs faster than I ever have 8-)

- Will (#298/338)

I'm seriously impressed with your service. I just left my job at a web hosting company a while ago... I find it very amusing that they did not consider you a threat, because they should. This destroys anything that we offer, and we consider ourselves a "pioneer" on the VPS platform (albeit in Windows). I'll be making some strong recommendations towards you all for sure, as the value is simply unbeatable.

- Michael (via ticket shortly after we setup his account) (#299/338)

You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks heaps for that. Now I just gotta learn how to use Zope :)

- Hayden (after doing some source RPM builds to get Zope installable) (#300/338)

To not worry about viruses by using Pine. You can't put a price on that.

- Mike (some people use their VPSs for the most curious tasks) (#301/338)

I am extremely happy with your service. Sure beats keeping a linux box running off a cable modem, remotely... Walking my mother through rebooting... Its ugly.

- Mike (an ex-cable modem + server refugee) (#302/338)

Jeez, do you guys have head jacks to answer that quick?

- Jeremy (after getting a rapid response to a support question) (#303/338)

Looks great so far. It's delightful having my own (apparent) machine. I can mirror my development config much closer.

- Joe (after getting his server set up) (#304/338)

I also wanted to say, I have been hosting with your company less than 6 hours and I am 100x happier with your level of service and support than my current hosting company

- Chad (we start like we mean to carry on) (#305/338)

Great !.. Thanks I'm very impressed with the quick turnaround time Rimu has!

- Steve (after fixing up a setup misunderstanding) (#306/338)

Thank you for your prompt assistance. I'm impressed with level of support and response we have received.

- Fred (afer a few Java setup tasks) (#307/338)

Thanks for the set up and everything. Looks really impressive. I haven't so far noticed anything to give away that it's not a co-located server.

- Mike (#308/338)

These machines are really nicely set up -- it's like moving into a furnished room.

- Ben (#309/338)

I like your service so much I'm referring myself for a second VPS

- Maura (#310/338)

Thank you again for your exceptional service, I am truly amazed at the service you offer. Keep up the good work and a heart felt thank you again.

- Richard (after he received some system information from us) (#311/338)

I've been very happy with the stability, reliability, and connectedness of my rimuhosting VPS. It's been especially important since I've been off on extended business travel across the country the last two months, and I feel blessedly free to assume it will be running reliably

- James (#312/338)

That is the best service i have seen anywhere

- Ali (after sorting out a Tomcat problem) (#313/338)

I'm stunned by the speed of the website now.. It's excellent

- Grant from netmart.com.au (after moving from two other hosts and trying out his ecommerce software on our VPS) (#314/338)

We have found your service a very nice and refreshing change after our previous experiences

- Leo (after deciding to prepay a year) (#315/338)

I swear, the virtual machine hosting is the coolest toy I've played with in a very long time. I'm a sysadmin for a living, so this is perfect for me.

- Emmett (#316/338)

Everything is great. I'm working with Webmin, Apache, and JBoss Nukes and they're great! Thanks so much. I never new until quite recently just how affordable and effective hosting services were.

- Charles (letting us know how his hosting is going after a couple of weeks) (#317/338)

My website is hosted by Rimu Hosting, based in New Zealand. Provide linux-based hosting, VPS, all sorts of applications (mail server, ftp, cvs, Java, database etc) at a very reasonable fee. Plus, I get 'root' access (via SSH ofcourse). Support is terrific (via Yahoo IM). Can't complain. Lots of packages/plans. Very developer-friendly. The folks there are very knowledgeable, and pretty hands-on. Recommend them wholeheartedly.

- Ragu on his blog (#318/338)

Thank you VERY MUCH for your efforts setting up a workaround. My head would be boiling in a cauldron this afternoon if my client couldn't show something.

- Richard (after struggling with a Jetty problem for a bit, we put in an alternative workaround so there would be something to demo). (#319/338)

You guys are great!

- Mike (after sorting out a mysterious Ant classpath issue). (#320/338)

Again, thank you and I am already singing praises about your service.

- Brandon (after a few sales questions and his order setup) (#321/338)

A shell account on the Internet is like having your own parking space in a big city.

- Geoff. (#322/338)

The setup was amazingly simple and the transition was smooth. All my sites are up and the increase in speed is very nice. Thank you for answering my questions and the fast setup.

- William. Signed up after using a shared account. (#323/338)

You are very kind -- I will really spend some time putting together a nice (and truly deserved!) quote for your site.

- Cliff a quote about a quote. (#324/338)

Like you guys a lot, so I got another VPS.

- Justin on his second VPS order form. (#325/338)

'I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.'

- Pablo Picasso (note Pablo isn't a customer, but this was a quote on a customers email and perfectly sums up the RimuHosting ethos). (#326/338)

Just wanted you to know I've been well-pleased with RimuHosting so far and have most of my services migrated to the server.

- James (#327/338)

thanks again. i'd send you a beer at this point. if i could get atoms down the wire :)

- Viveka via IM after sorting out some JBoss issues. (#328/338)

We have tried many hosting services before landing on to yours and I must say you are the best so far. Thank you very much for all the support and care you show towards us.

- Shakeel (#329/338)

I was very impressed with Rimuhosting set-up so far. It seems nearly perfect. It is so nice working with someone who exhibits such a high degree of competence in his offering's etc.

- John (#330/338)

Key things attracting me to RimuHosting: great price, technical competence, quick responsiveness, good feedback from some of your customers, good FAQ/HOWTOs, no-nonsense/low spam/high signal-to-noise ratio rimuhosting.com website, and operator availability. I'd rather work with a small-to-medium size organization that is technically competen and whose staff has a direct stake in the business success

- James signing up (#331/338)

Fantastic hosting provided by RimuHosting.

- http://furl.net/backend.jsp (#332/338)

It's only been a few days, but I'm very pleased with your offering so far. The documentation is great and actually works! Setup has been a snap because of it. Keep up the good work, and please continue to update the documentation as necessary. It's VERY helpful!

- Mark (#333/338)

Folks are loving the system and the server is holding up like a champ.

- Michael after deploying his webapp (previously being a bit nervous about performance and scalability). (#334/338)

Thanks, you are a life-saver! I had weeks of work in there!! Thank you VERY much!! I would never use any other provider other than your company! I love the FAST service!!

- Jeffery after we restored a key directory for him from our backups. Please note customers should always keep their own copies of key files. (#335/338)

Thanks. You're a life-saver.

- Jason after we grappled with a Debian apache install for him. (#336/338)

I was amazed at how fast it was set up, and the speed the server generates my pages. And your HOWTO's make setting up things very easy. Also I couldn't find any other dedicated / shared server after looking for weeks in this price range, until i did a search on Slashdot

- Scott VanNess (#337/338)

I would just like to let you know how well your service is working for us. Our website is working great and responding quickly. We also appreciate the speedy responses when we have asked for support request. Keep up the good work!

- Lee, Innofinity (#338/338)

Amazing service man!! I signed up like 30 minutes ago and I am already logged in onto my server :D LOVE IT :)

A friend of mine @ work told me about your company: I was telling him what I was looking for and he told me he knew exactly what I need and showed me your site ... 2 hours later I am signed up and running :).

- Tim, a new user.

Your support so far has been wonderful!

- Edwin (when sorting out why apache had stopped)

You are awesome!!!! You save my *** big time... The ONE directory I wasn't backing up...anyway, your help has been incredible - I'm recommending you guys to everyone I know ;) Many thanks - all is well again on my web site.

- Dan from http://torontosales.ca/.   After we did a restore from from our backups.  Note: Users should still keep their own backups!!!

Thanks! I've been playing around and am very impressed with your service.  I still have to get used to setting much of it up, but your setup help/starter guide helps out a lot -- I'm thinking about avoiding FTP and using SCP, for example, which is something I had never heard of before. ZoneEdit works great, too. Anyway, thanks again.

- Derek.

We chose RimuHosting, a company that operates out of New Zealand, which has so far been professional and polite, and knows its tech (important for geeks). We've been using Rimu for about six weeks at this point, and no problems so far. Imagine, a company that tells you immediately if it's experiencing any problems, and promptly fixes them! That kind of service seems marvelously foreign when you've been used to grumpy, or obnoxious, responses - if I got any at all.

- Maura http://babblogue.com/blog/archives/00001911.html

Thanks again for all your help. I have to say that RimuHosting's customer service[...], is better than I could have ever dreamed. I was hesitant to sign up with RimuHosting at first cuz I wasn't sure I'd be able to get used to the "do it yourself" type of hosting. With your help, however, things are working out ok.

- Charlie

This is first ISP, where the service is excellent... I've been frustrated the past few years

- Jeff (after helping out with some JBoss issues).

Again I want to thank you for a great hosting. In fact, it is a best plan I've bought for last 5 years on the Web :)

- Alexander

Thanks so much. I'm still in awe at the quick response. My friend, whom I mentioned how quickly you responded to, in fact said "Holy ****, that quick?" =)

- after upgrading a partition for Doug

I was aware.  I hope over the next couple to send a few more your way to utilize your unique and excellent service.

- Anthony after I told him he'd get a referral credit for someone he sent our way.

You're the third VPS type host I've signed up with, and you're by far the best. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

- Lawrence

I'm impressed with everything about RimuHosting so far! You guys are awesome!

- Mark (after our monitoring picked up a problem on his server, which we fixed).

You guys rock. Thanks for the great hosting and prices.

- Darius, on his second order (he also referred someone and got one of our $15 referral hosting credits).

Server is performing wonderfully though and my customers and I are very pleased with your service. Keep up the good work!

- Robert (ironically this came in after we’d sent out an alert email to customers affected by a short network outage)

EVERYTHING is going excellent with the hosting. I am extremely happing with the level of service and support offered.

- Robert.

I've written before and went with [another VPS hosting company], but wasn't happy with them with the delays in service.

- Michael, signing up with us.

I've been playing with one of their [RimuHosting’s] cheaper plans for just under a week now (I'm thinking about consolidating a few generic hosting accounts onto one virtual box) and so far it's great. The servers are in the US. It's $20 US a month for 64 megs RAM, 4G space and 30G bandwidth. $10 to set it up and they're quick - my Debian box was up inside half an hour. Happy.

- mailing list post

Don't worry about the mistake. I am one happy customer that I could go watch a movie on cable with a couple of tins and come back to find that you had fixed the problem. Nice one. :-)

- Simon after we fixed our goof-up on his setup.

I opened a VPS account at RimuHosting, and I'm really impressed by the possibilities of such a VPS account. It's like your managing your own real Linux web server.

The past few days were the first chance I had to "move up" to my new VPS! Yes, it was a little shocking to go from a "very managed environment" at another host where all I had to do was FTP .class files, but looking back IT IS WORTH IT! The frustrating "learning curve" has made me a whiz using the file manager et. al. So, you can start off your Monday morning with one less headache!

- Jeff (after settling in to his new VPS)

I registered [my domain] for my family 3 years ago, I've tried several hostings and virtual servers, and your service is the best I've seen. It just works. I'm truly happy :-D

Just wanted to let you know that all is humming along very nicely and haven't had anymore complaints... Nice work! :) I sleep a lot easier at night having everyone on the VPS.

- Robert (after a few problems doing a custom Jboss 3.2.1 install, things seem to be running smoothly).

I like this service so much for my personal use that I am signing up another account for my company.

- Ben

At 4GB space, 30GB/Month transfer, it's the best deal out there that I was able to find. I found it by browsing the active ads at Kuro5hin. I was also impressed at Rimu's speedy setup. And IM support! Oh my. They even setup MT for me, which is kinda unexpected for an account of this kind.

- Jeremy’s first post on his RimuHosting hosted weblog

It goes without saying that I will be recommending your services to other people, as your service is one of the best I've ever used.

- Dave (when canceling his account with us - because he wasn’t using the VPS)

Many thanks for the very quick, extensive and knowledgeable reply. Great to have the kind of feedback you've supplied, comes as a bit of a shock these days to be honest.

- Martin, after answering a sales question

I just wanted to commend you on your performance as my VPS host so far. It's awesome to be able to develop on a server with a fixed IP and with ridiculous download speeds. I think it's a good deal for the price.

- John

Ah root access, is there anything sweeter? Sorry, don't answer that.

- Jason "having a moment"

Thanks for the great support!

- Gordon

Thank you once again for your stellar customer service.

- Gordon’s brother this time.

You guys all rock over there. Very speedy getting response out, and very helpful. I have tried...about a dozen different hosts, most not working out for one reason or another, and you guys have single-handedly been the best hosts. And I know I can get a little annoying with requests, so thanks for being patient, and so helpful.

- Brian (3rd VPS reinstall and counting…)

I start crying tears of joy and happiness every time I think of RimuHosting's service. YOU ARE AWESEOME!!!

- Corey (surely just buttering us up so we’ll answer a Sendmail question)

Customer Quotes From September

Thank you very much for the fast response! You guys are great.

- Darin (after a VPS restart)

Thanks you so much.  Your Service Rocks.  We are shocked in the good sense... we didn't expect this excellent level of performance/support...  If you need references for other customers, feel free to send then my e-mail address.

- Jose (after looking into a few service startup issues and installing a new version of MySQL)

This hosting setup kicks ass, especially since I got Horde working for email, etc.

- Nate

Thanks for the heads up on the problems. Your service has been unbelievable. I have never experienced getting warnings of a potential problem before. Thanks for the info. It's much appreciated.

- Bruce (after sending out an email about a hardware replacement on his host server)

This place seems sane :)

- Jon, commenting on our lack of artificial limits on MySQL/email, etc.  For the record, we're only _mostly_ sane.

Like what I'm playing with so far, very slick :)

- Anthony.  New VPS-A operator

You know I checked more than 100 wehosts and I read their ToS. But IMO you are the best amongst them and I'm happy to found you. a dedicated server without that high price. Thanks again.

- Ahura

I've started playing around with the server, and so far I'm very happy with it, using the HOWTO articles to setup FTP and mail.

- Kaiwen

The server looks great. Another day or so of tweaking and I should be good to go live. Thanks for your help!

- Eric

Just want to drop a note to say thanks for all your help. So far I'm really pleased with your service and would (and have) recommend you to others. Keep up the good work!


- Mike

I've come to enjoy greatly the prompt responses to all of my inquiries, a thousand thanks. =)

- FSF (After a quick response re a custom mail server he was installing)

Thanks! If all that I'm reading is correct, you guys are my dream come true as far as hosting is concerned. I am sure to have fun this weekend. :)

Thanks again,

- Corey

Once again you come through!

- Geoff, after sorting out a postresql issue

Thanks for the service you're offering. So far everything about this virtual machine looks just great!

- Roger

Customer Quotes From July

BTW, you guys by far have the best customer service of any hosting i've ever seen.. Thanks again for your extremely prompt customer service today, I'm already sold that I'm staying with your company for my serving needs :)

- Marshall, CA [jetty user]

We are stoked...Fantastic service.

- Chris, New Zealand

I'm still trying to think of a reason to keep my old hosting service. If everything works out, I'll probably ditch it in a few months and just use your service.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and info.  I'm very impressed with your level of customer service.

And one nice thing you forgot to mention about user mode hosting: it beats the hell out of paying 350USD/month+ for dedicated hosting!  I don't know how many other companies are doing it but I absolutely love the idea.  I think you've found the future of hosting :)


- Mark

Thank you, nice with competent support!

- Mattias (after we sorted out a webapp permissions issue and a mod_jk2 setup issue)

Thanks! You guys truly are fast. I just had a really bad experience with another VPS provider, which makes this even more pleasant.

- Steen (after a quick VPS setup and custom MySQL install)

Thanks for all your help and support, it was really fast that's what we were looking for.

- Manav (after we sorted out a classpath/file permission problem on a JDBC driver)

Thank you, you've been tremendously helpful... I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

- Anthony (after a bit of Debian advice)

I've been thrilled with the account and tech-support--I'll definitely recommend you guys to clients in the future.

- Ian

Thanks a lot for setting up my account so quickly! I am really impressed!

- Anwar

Thanks for the quick service. I may get used to this... :-) Everything looks great!

- Andrew (after a custom phpmyadmin, mysql setup)

Things are going very well... BTW your [mail setup] instructions are very clear and much appreciated.

- Dan, Toronto

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!

- Grainne after a custom MySQL install and Tomcat Setup

Thanks and cheers to you. You were able to setup this in a day while another company I have dealt with took 2 weeks and yet they were not able to set it up.

- Pepe after a custom Apache/mod_jk2/Tomcat setup

"Excellent! that was fast."

- John, after getting a custom JBoss setup 30 minutes after we received his order.

"So far I'm having fun :-)"

- Robby, OK

"Thanks for everything.  We're very happy with the service and support we've received so far."

- Greg, IL [after doing a custom Tomcat install]

"I'll be sure to recommend you to others who are looking for a robust server solution but aren't ready for a full server :)"

- Cecilia, Ontario

"You guys rock. It's great to see things going forward. Thanks for it."

- Ravindra, CA [after a kernel recompile to enable ip filtering]

"...everything is going great, especially the quick support."

- Michael, CA

"...this is really great. thanks so much. i will definitely keep you posted"

- Sam, Debian User

"Wow. You/RimuHosting continue to blow me away. I need to figure out how I can get you additional customers. You deserve it. Thank you. Thank you both for the changes, and for the detailed explanation/tutorial so that I can learn from it."

- Tom Carter