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RimuHosting People

Most hosting companies can buy the latest and greatest hardware.  And we all have the same opportunities to host at great data centers.

So what makes one company different from any other?  We (honestly) think it is the staff that you deal with day-to-day.  So at RimuHosting we strive to have a support team that is knowledgeable and passionate about Linux.  And then we do all we can to empower these people to help make our customers' lives just a little bit easier.

This page lists some of the people you may find yourself interacting with at RimuHosting.

Peter Bryant

Peter founded RimuHosting in 2002.  He helps out with support; does the monthly billing; flexes his Java muscles every now and then by coding on the RimuHosting web site; and works hard to make sure that RimuHosting always has the best and brightest staff along with great servers sitting in reliable data centers.

Peter enjoys the odd game of squash and tennis, and heading to the gym to lift barbells after work.  He's slowly working his way though New Zealand's Great Walks.

Glenn Enright

Glenn heads up operations at RimuHosting.  He completed a Bachelors degree in computer science at the Waikato Polytech in 2007.

He has been using Linux since late 2000, distros of choice have included Gentoo and Ubuntu.

In his spare time he enjoys online gaming and house renovation projects.

Liz Quilty

Liz, in her customer support role, is a familiar name to many of our clients.

Liz has been using GNU/Linux since 1997. She started on Redhat, 3 weeks later migrated to Slackware. Eventually moving through Debian and finally onto Ubuntu.

Liz ran the Orcon (NZ-based ISP) Debian & Ubuntu repository in her spare time, and is an avid cyclist (both leg- and engine- powered), fitness junkie and plays Ukulele in what little free time she has.

Paul Quilty

Paul started using Linux in 1996 and has been learning ever since.  He tried many flavours of Linux but found Debian to suit most situations, recently started using Ubuntu for workstations.

Paul had worked in a number of IT positions until 2008 where he took up a position at RimuHositng with his wife from 2008 through to the end of 2017.

Paul then moved on to work for NetValue from the end of 2017 through to October 2023 where he has now returned to RimuHosting as part of the NetValue Hosting merger.

Alex King

Alex works for RimuHosting from Dunedin.  In addition to the occasional bit of customer support work, Alex helps develop our infrastructure provisioning automation.

Alex began using Linux in 1997, starting with Slackware which was the only distro with a shiny new 2.0 kernel on the CDs he used.  After learning Linux he got a job with a local ISP and switched to using Debian which is the distro he still prefers.  Alex has been helping people to use the internet, and encouraging them to use Linux and Debian ever since.

He bikes everywhere to keep fit and enjoys singing in a community choir.  He's involved in community groups working on public transport advocacy and improving Dunedin's housing stock, among other things.

Yifan Zhang

Yifan is RimuHosting's lead Network Engineer. Before RimuHosting he worked in a university environment and at a pharmaceutical company. He enjoys the fun of deploying new network designs and fixing some tricky network problems.

In his free time, he likes reading, music and cooking Chinese food.

Jason Price

Jason is a Network Engineer for RimuHosting. Before RimuHosting he has worked in multiple complex network environments.

In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, gym, rugby and exploring the great outdoors.

James Clark

James began his IT career in 2001 at Wave Internet, an ISP in Hamilton NZ, where he was drawn toward System Administration.  He was a founding staff member at NetValue Ltd (NVL) in 2004, he had two "tours of duty" there with roughly 10 years total.  His time with NVL concluded during RimuHosting's acquisition of NVL's hosting operation when he joined the team of Sysadmins at RimuHosting in late 2023 looking to contribute his skill set and expand his horizons.

Elton M. Labajo

Elton started fiddling Linux back in 1996 in a University laboratory, he installed slackware from a pile of floppy disk in an intel box, was amazed by the technology and after which he worked on a company in a R&D Dept. for Linux solutions, became a SysAdmin in an ISP and lately a Linux DBA. He also do some scripting and programming in java,python and hopefully Ruby on Rails.

In his free time he watches TV a lot, plays guitar, smashes tennis balls, and fixes cars for fun.

Blake Larson

Blake works in our data center operations team, setting up new hardware.  Blake worked in the Allied health field as a full-time Paramedic before completing a Bachelor of Information Technology from Whitireia Community Polytechnic and moving in to the tech space.  During his degree he became involved with using Linux and scripting through a hardware project.

Does JuiJitsu, running, hiking and general tinkering in his spare time.