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Want to find out what makes our hosting tick?

Affordable Plans: Get the bottom line on our plans.  Virtual private servers cost a fraction of a dedicated server plan.  See our plan selections here.

What is a VPS?: Find out what a VPS is, and how it differs from a shared or dedicated hosting plan.

Great Hardware: Find out how the powerful hardware running our VPS and dedicated server plans produce great performance.

Reliable Network: A server is no use to most people unless it is connected to the outside world.  Find out about the world class data centers RimuHosting use.

Linux Distributions: You get to choose the Linux distribution running on your server.  Find out which ones are on offer, and which will serve you best.

Applications: Discover some of the applications people are commonly running on their servers.

Example Uses: VPS technology sounds cool, but you're not sure how you'd use the server?  Read about just some of the amazing things you can do with a server you fully control: run a J2EE EJB/JSP app server, host a development environment, or replicate a database.  Try that on your shared hosting plan!