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Dallas dedicated servers rule

Hosted at Colo4Dallas, The best data center in the world. We love them to bits. The network is rock solid.

Their remote hands staff are familiar with all our hardware and are available around the clock.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server
2 x 2013 Jaketown Xeon
Memory Options
16GB - 128GB
Data Transfer Allowance
250GB - 10000GB
Disk Space
2000GB Up to 4 Disks
2x Xeon E5-2630v2 6-core, Jaketown 12x 2.6Ghz cores, 24x HT cores, 2x 15M L3
Private Network
Optional (Connect multiple servers on a private network)
Setup Fee
99.00 USD
Data Center
Dallas (TX)
Base Monthly Price
359.00 USD
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Why RimuHosting dedicated servers

RimuHosting have great dedicated servers and dedicated sysadmin support. We do the bulk of our new dedicated server setups in Dallas. We manage our own racks. We buy customized hardware so that we can offer machines perfectly suited to our customers needs. We buy them in bulk so we can offer great pricing.

  • Replacement hardware on hand.
  • 100Mbps connections.
  • Latest hardware (because we enjoy having new gear as much as our customers do).
  • RAID as standard (most hosts try to sell non-RAID protected servers, it is just plain crazy to trust your data on those servers).
  • For more details see the hardware specs

Hassle-free at 3AM

“Help I can't access my server!” It happens to the best of us. You may have firewalled yourself out of the server. Or made a networking config error. Or messed up a kernel upgrade. Or sometimes the hardware just fails.

With many dedicated server providers you would need to fix the problem 'blind'. For example instructing data center staff command-by-painful-command what to do to get the server back up and running.

Some dedicated server providers may offer KVM access. But even then recovery can be slow (as you may need to request reboots, or rescue CDs).

And invariably the server fails when you least want it to (3AM is a popular time). And when you're nowhere near any internet access.

At RimuHosting we do things a little differently.

We monitor the physical servers we host. If the server goes down, we investigate. We reboot them if necessary. We replace any failed hardware. If there is a problem with the machine starting up normally, we get in and fix it. We let you know when there is a problem. And when we've fixed it. And we keep you updated during that process.

If you prefer to be asleep at 3AM, get a RimuHosting dedicated server.

Tell us what you need

Our sysadmins will find you the perfect solution.

YOU ARE TOTALLY COMPLETELY REALLY AWESOME!! It works now, I can't tell you how impressed i am with your service...i really truly am...is there are survey i can take that to show how i rate you? or is there someone i can write you about how well you have helped me?? i really mean it...thank you so much!!
- Ivan (after we helped him with MySQL and JBoss) (#40/338)

Downtime never occurs
at a good time.

Let RimuHosting
deal with it.