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Web Hosting and Resellers

Are you a web host?  Do you provide hosting for clients?  Do you need a web interface to help you setup email accounts or domain hosting?  Do you want to split the cost of a VPS with your friends?

If so you may find a control panel quite useful.  The professional/paid hosting control panels (like Virtualmin and Plesk) make many tasks like setting up email accounts and setting up hosting for multiple domains quite easy.  And they also let you give control over each domain to end users, so they can manage their own sites.

OpenSource Option: Webmin for server administration

We can provide the Webmin control panel on your server.  This powerful Open Source control panel lets you setup virtual hosts (multiple domains) using a web browser.

OpenSource Option: Virtualmin hosting Control Panel

We can provide the Virtualmin Hosting panel on your server.  This powerful Open Source control panel lets you manage mutiple domains with ease and is a great way to support your hosting business. It builds on the Webmin panel mentioned above.

Virtualmin comes in GPL and Profesional (licensed) editions. See http://www.virtualmin.com/ for a feature list.

CPanel and WHM

CPanel is a very popular hosting control panel.  You can order (and we will install) CPanel. You will need to order a CPanel license (e.g. directly from CPanel). CPanel needs to be installed on a fresh CentOS distro install.

Professional Hosting: Plesk Control Panel

Our higher end plans offer the latest version of the Plesk Onyx control panel. Plesk makes it easy to host multiple sites and customers:

Multi-Level Support Ticket System

Our install includes a Support Ticket System.  This system is designed to communicate, track, monitor and manage support issues for users at every level of the system. You will be able organize all your customers support requests from a single centralized location.

Application Pack w/ Site Builder Software

Our install includes the Application Pack.  It is a completely customizable repository of Site Applications giving Admins the ability to add, deploy, configure, and remove applications to any domain on the system. The Plesk Application Pack comes standard with a default group of applications including a Site Builder Tool for creating and deploying dynamic web content.

AntiSpam and AntiVirus Software

Our install includes the "SpamAssassin" Anti-Spam and clamav AntiVirus in the base installation. With a built in configuration interface for making flexible rules server wide or on a per mailbox basis. Use these add-ons and eliminate spam and other email abuse.