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Powerful, and Fast Server Hardware

We use some formidable hardware in our hosting setup.  We use fast processors to ensure that response times are quick.  We use RAID on all new servers to ensure that data is safeguarded from disk failure.  And we cram our servers full of fast, high capacity DDR memory to ensure we can offer great memory size bang for your buck.

We are currently using one of the following server type for new VPS accounts in the Dallas data center we use: SC825TQ server case

These specs are upgraded from time to time.  If you want to have a particular type of server, mention that when you order and we will see what we can do.

Maximizing Your VM Performance

We put 5-20 VMs per server core.  That compares to shared web hosts that put hundreds of sites onto a server.  Each VPS that needs it, gets an equal share of the CPU and disk IO on the host server.  At a minimum, each VPS is guaranteed at least 480Mhz or more of CPU.

In practice, we don't fully load our servers.  Our CPU usage averages only 16%.  So most of the time, the host servers are idle and the VPS can burst up to the full power of our twin hex core Xeon processor servers.  The upshot for you is that your pages load quickly, database response times are low and your server is very responsive.  Probably more responsive than a dedicated single processor server at 4 times the price.