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“If it is Ruby on Rails, we can run it.”

Other hosts provide hosting. We provide hosting plus as much help as you need to get your site up and running.
Our sysadmins have each spent many hours setting up and tweaking Rails-based webapps. And they are more than happy to help you get your app up and running.

RoR VPS servers

RimuHosting has been doing Rails hosting since back in the day. We were providing Rails hosting from the 'get go' back in 2006.
We can use our experience to help you save time getting a reliable, easy to manage Rails hosting setup.

VPS server

Our popular plan

-- -- /month

11734 MB memory
16 GB disk
100 GB data transfer allowance
Data center: Dallas
Price breakdown

You can customize your settings in the next step.

VPS Pricing

You can customize more settings in the next step.


13.20 NZD/month

1,024 MB memory
4 GB disk
40 GB data transfer allowance

Any data center

Rails hosting

RimuHosting can setup the RimuHosting Rails hosting stack on your server.  Not only that, but we will help you setup and deploy your application.

When you order, on the order confirmation page please mention the magic words "Would you please setup the RimuHosting RoR hosting stack?".

Whatever you are doing we can help you get your app up and running.

  • Latest Rails version
  • Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.2 or Ruby Enterprise Edition
  • Latest Version of GEM (install any gems you need)
  • passenger / mod_rails or nginx
  • mongrel / mongrel_cluster
  • Version control (svn, git or cvs)
  • Automated deployments via capistrano
  • Out-of-the-box demo rails app pre-installed
  • Scale on demand.  Increase or reduce your VPS size in real time.
  • Everything else you need (Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, all the domains you need, email, ftp, and all the other 'regular' stuff you should expect from a good host).
  • Latest gems
  • Rails hosting
  • Ruby on rails hosting
  • Mongrel hosting
  • mod_rails hosting
  • ROR hosting

Support worth raving about: What our Rails customers are saying

“These guys know their stuff, whether it's RoR, Java, ... I recommend them to all my friends and customers and they are so happy with Rimuhosting they are doing the same thing.”
- Peter

“I took a medium-sized PHP app and three Rails apps from a shared hosting environment to this VPS and had the entire thing working in 2 days.”

“I'm not a Linux sysadmin, but the help RimuHosting provided was first-rate and allowed me to get up and running very fast. I should mention that I had to make this move over New Years, so the promptness and accuracy of their responses was most appreciated.”
- cwd

“Their support was un-youknowwhat-believable. They answered all of my questions (and there were a lot) with blazing speed - usually within 30 minutes, no matter the time of day.”
- Larry

“A Rails stack that's UP TO DATE on Day 1? CHECK.”

“All the gems I actually wanted? CHECK.”

“Tech support guys that are WEIRDLY HELPFUL? CHECK.”

“Proactive? HECK yes.”

“Automated DNS tools and remote server reboots even without ssh access? CHECK.”

“Slick, cartoon-style web 2.0 marketing materials and hype? NOPE.”

“Hostile "please don't be stupid or waste our time" message to deter you from using the "Submit a Support Ticket" page? NOPE.”
- Mark