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RimuHosting sysadmin support services

At RimuHosting our goal is to take the hassle out of hosting.  So we are always more than happy to help you with pretty much any hands-on server task you may have.

If you are able to describe to us what you need, the chances are we can sort it out for you.

Some of the sysadmin support services we provide include:

Many of our services are automated/DIY.  Even so we are more than happy to set them up or manage them for you if that is easier:

RimuHosting sysadmin support and Fully Managed Hosting

The term 'Managed Hosting' can vary in meaning between hosts and customers can have different expectations about what it includes or excludes.  For our purposes:

At RimuHosting we have a variety of customers.  Some want us to be completely hands off.  Others are delighted that our sysadmins are available to perform all their sysadmin tasks.

A lot of our customers are technical and prefer an Unmanaged server.  So this is our default position.  The server is yours to run as you wish.  However if you ever need anything from us, we are only too happy to help out.

We will do whatever you, our client, needs.  Provided you know what you want and can express that to us, then we will figure out how to get it done for you.

Requesting support

You can email us at support at rimuhosting.com or submit a support ticket.  We prefer the support ticket, since it lets us provide better, and timelier support to you.  For example, we can route your request to the best person, or escalate your ticket to someone else if say, the regular person who helps you is off duty.

Clear instructions make it easier for us to do a good job.  Please let us know what you want us to do.  Where possible tell us what you expect to be able to do after we have completed the work.  i.e. How we will know when we are done.  Include any URLs, usernames, passwords, commands to run and whatever else may help us.

Breaking down more complex requests into smaller work units can help make things easier to plan around for everyone.

We are available via phone if you ever need to have general chat about your setup and how we can help.

Sysadmin service pricing

Unlike many other providers we do not charge hundreds of dollars a month for 'managed hosting'.

There is no sysadmin fee for most support work we do for customers.  We do not like to 'nickel and dime' customers.  We tend not to charge where the customer has made a solid effort to do the work or troubleshoot the problem themselves.  We will often not charge anything if the job is just a quick one (e.g. takes less than 15-30 minutes).  And we are usually more generous with our time for customers who only rarely put in support requests.

We do charge sysadmin fees in some cases.  Typically where we would need to spend more than 15-30 minutes on a task.  Particularly where the customer just wishes to delegate some work to us (rather than try to do it themselves).

Our usual rate for sysadmin work is USD 120/hr billed in 30 minute increments.  Large (10+ hours) or complex projects may incur a different rate.  We would let you know that in advance.

For paid support work, let us know the maximum amount of time we should spend on a task. Include that with your ticket to pre-approve any time.  We will either complete the task within that time (and only charge for the time we spent on it), or let you know how long it would take

Talk directly to our level 3 sysadmins

Our support staff are all experienced Linux systems administrators, so we can help you with all things server related. Including optimizing database and website performance, installing and updating packages or programs. Some of our staff have specialist skills, so we may refer your query to them where their knowledge will improve your desired outcome.

Areas we can help you with include package maintenance, email setup, database optimization. tuning Java, Ruby/Rails, or PHP related sites, and many more. If there is something we have not worked on before we can still help with research on that, so feel free to challenge us.

Web development assistance

For queries related to web site development we recommend you consult first with your developers. But if you need an urgent answer send us the details and we can take a look.

Any tasks we complete will include full details of any actions taken, and how you can do (and check) those.

Escalating an issue


Select this option if you need your server back up straight away.  If it's a non-urgent problem, our sleeping on-call staff will appreciate you not selecting this option. If you don't get a response from us in an hour or two, you can always put in another ticket with this option selected.