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Data transfer allowances and how they work

The purpose of this page is to review how data-transfer allowances work in your RimuHosting account.

Each server you order with us has a set allowance of network traffic. We will not restrict usage if you go over your allocation, but you may be charged a small fee per GB of additional usage (an overage).

An allocation is per calendar month, to match our normal billing cycle.  By estimating in advance how much traffic you think your server will use, that helps us to plan the overall network capacity which will be needed, and we can then work on improving the price of that.

You can change your allocation at any time, using our resource change tool. Any changes affect the allocation for the current month, and will also apply in the future.

Traffic is measured as follows.
* Both inbound and outbound traffic count towards the total usage
* We only record the overall usage for your server. You can see a chart of that usage per server
* Traffic between servers at the same datacenter is normally not counted

If you need alert emails of your usage we recommend setting up vnstat to do that as described on this page

* You can easily check the allowance allocated to each of your servers.
* Overage fees vary depending on the plan and location of your server.
* Overages are more expensive than prepaid allowances. If you have received several overage notices, consider increasing your allowance.
* Before we calculate overage fees, where possible servers under the same account and within the same datacenter have their allowance and usage pooled. This does not apply to Brisbane dedicated servers, and some London dedicated servers.
* If you need monitoring to assess your traffic usage in more detail take a look at David's handy script or send us a ticket with details on what you need.