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Monthly billing & how to resolve billing issues

We do our credit card billing at the start of the each month.  This page contains a bit of information about that process.  And what to do if we send you an email that your monthly billing transaction is not going through.

Causes of billing problems

Sometimes we are not able to bill your account.

This can be due to insufficient funds, canceled credit cards or expired credit cards.

Sometimes, too, CC companies just will not process a payment.  e.g. they may think that it look suspicious.

When we notify you about a billing issue

In the event we cannot bill your account we will send you an email notifying you of the problem.

Check/update your CC details

In the first instance you should check your CC details at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/billingdetails.jsp

If the expiry date has changed, then you will also probably have to update the 3/4 digit CVV code.

You can change the CC you use here, if you need to.  If you have authorization from someone to use their card, then you can use their card details.  Do please ensure they are aware that our transactions will appears as from WP-RIMUHOSTING or WP-OBJEXCEL on their CC statement.

You should also check your contact details at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/contactdetails.jsp and make sure the address there matches your CC billing address.

After you have checked/updated your CC details you can try billing any unpaid invoices (they will be listed on the billing details page).  Else our billing process will retry the card we have on file for you at some point.

Follow up with your CC company

We do not get much (any?) information about why a transaction is being declined.  So if you are not sure what the problem is, contact your CC company and ask them.

Our transactions are processed by Worldpay, which are based in Britain.  And our transactions appear as from WP-RIMUHOSTING or WP-OBJEXCEL (our parent company).

If the CC company is not able to resolve the issue, then you could update your CC details with a different card.

Alternate payment methods: Paypal, wire transfer

Or contact us and we can set you up to pay via PayPal or wire transfer.  If you opt to pay via Paypal do send the billing administrator an email after you have setup the subscription we send you and ask the billing administrator to remove your transaction from our monthly CC billing file (so we do not double bill you).

Receipts after billing

We will retry your billing (every day or two).  And we will send out another notice (about once a week or so)if the transaction is still not going through.

After we bill your account, we create a receipt and put it in your control panel at http://rimuhosting.com/cp/transactions.jsp There is a check box option on that page so that the receipts can be emailed to you whenever there is a charge on your card.

So if you need to check if any detail changes you have made worked or not you can check on the receipts page.

Contact our billing administrator if you need assistance

If you are having problems or need any assistance, just reply to the billing reminder emails you receive.  And our billing administrator will help how best they can.  We try to be fair with billing issues and not suspend accounts while people are making good faith efforts to enable the billing to go through.

Account suspensions and cancellations

We may suspend your account if we are unable to bill it.  We typically do this after the 20th of the month (sometimes earlier for dedicated server billing issues).  If we have heard from you and you are working on the problem then we can normally give you some leeway on this.

After we resolve the billing issue we can typically restart your VPS, no problem, anytime during the same month.  Just pop in a support ticket and we can get you back up and running.

After the end of the month, if we have not heard from you we may cancel your account.  We can often (but not always) restart your server after it has been canceled.