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Need to move servers?

We have customers that need to move their server from one machine to another for various reasons.  For example, they could be with another provider and want to host with us.  Or they may be moving from a VPS with us to a dedicated server.  Or they may need to move a VPS from one host server to another.

Moving a VPS from one RimuHosting host server to another

To move a VPS from one RimuHosting host to another just use our automated VPS move tool.

DNS: If you are running DNS on your VPS, then we recommend you use a 3rd party name server.  That way DNS changes will only take minutes to kick in, not days (as changing name servers can do).  Using our name servers and the DNS manager in our control panel is ideal.  If you are running DNS on our name servers, you may wish to ask us to change the DNS settings for you.

Cloning a RimuHosting VPS

Rather than moving a VPS from one host to another you can also just order a new VPS.  On the order pages, select the 'Install this VM from a clone of another of your servers' option.  After that you can select the VM and disk image you wish to use on the install page

After you use the clone/copy tool you will have two VPSs with the same image running (the only difference would be their IP addresses).

If you need to cancel one or the other of the servers at a later date you can do so on our cancellation page.

Moving from a VPS to a dedicated server

Theoretically we could transfer an image of your VPS to a dedicated server.  We have not done this before.  It would require a bit of 'bootstrapping' magic at our end.  And some fiddling with settings like /etc/fstab and network interfaces.

Typically what we prefer to do is do a clean server install on the dedicated machine.  See below...  If this option would take too much work, let us know and we can see about transferring the VPS image over.

Another option when moving from a VPS to a dedicated server is to move your VPS filesystem over to the dedicated server and continue to run the VPS as a VPS, but with the dedicated server the hardware would now be dedicated to you.  Basically you'd take a small (2-3% performance hit).  And in return you'd end up with a few advantages.  e.g. we could do full file system image backups for you.  You'd always have remote console access to the server (even if the VPS network was somehow de-configured).  And you'd not have to do any migration work (other than to change your DNS IP address).

Moving from another hosting provider to a RimuHosting server

(Also applies when moving from a VPS to a Dedicated Server or from one dedicated server to another)

We do a clean install of a server for you, with a distro of your choosing.

Our VPS and dedicated server setups are very similar.  So if you were going from a VPS to a dedicated then the two systems should share a very similar starting point.

We can do a setup of any applications you may need.

Tell us what files/directories you need copied over to the new server (and make sure we have access to the original system).  Ditto databases.  rsync, scp, and mysqldump are the key tools here.

You would also need to re-do any config file changes you made on the original server.

If you make notes of what changes you make to your server then this re-setup process is made easier.

After you are happy that everything is working (e.g. by testing on the new server IP) then you would switch over your DNS settings.

If your original server was a VPS with us, then when you are happy everything is working smoothly, just pop in a cancellation ticket for the vps and we will shut it down at the end of the month and not bill for it again at the start of the next month.  Or you can keep your original server as a failover/standby/backup server.