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DNS Howtos

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Need a Name Server?

Any current RimuHosting customer can use our name servers.  We do not restrict you to just the domain you used to sign up with.  You can host any (reasonable) number of domains with us.  Just log into the control panel and add your zones using our web browser interface.  After you have added the zones tell your domain registrar the names of our DNS servers (which will be listed for you in our domain manager interface).

Need Reliability?

We currently operate four name servers.  Each at a different data center.  By default new domains use ns1.rimuhosting.com (in New York state) and ns2.rimuhosting.com (in Dallas, Texas).  Need more diversity?  You can add more of our name servers to your zone: ns4.rimuhosting.com (in London).

NB: Please setup your domain in our DNS control panel before setting our name servers at your domain name registrar.  One of the most common DNS-related problems we see is people setting the name servers at their domain name registrar but not setting up any IPs in our control panel.  And then the DNS setup for that domain does not work as they expect.

Rapid Updates

We use the PowerDNS name server.  Our PowerDNS servers use a database backend.  In native mode, when you are just using our name servers, each of our name servers is updated almost instantly using database replication.

Hassle Free Setup

RimuHosting have written our own web based UI to make it simple and easy for you to create and manage your DNS details. Take a look at DNS control panel to see more

Need Dynamic DNS Support?

Our DNS servers support automatic updates from dynamic-IP DNS clients.  This means you can have anaddress.yourdomain.com point to a computer whose IP address changes from time to time.

Want to Run Your Own DNS?

You are free to use whatever DNS service you like.  You do not have to use our service.  Your domain name registrar may provide a DNS service.  Or we recommend the great free service from Zonomi.

Some users may want to run a DNS server on their own server (see our BIND howto).  In that case you are welcome to use our DNS servers as 'slave' servers.  Our servers will pick up any changes made at your primary DNS server. Changes will take up to the 'Refresh' time on your master DNS server to be reflected on our name servers.

You do not need to change your registrar

You register your domain name at a registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, gandi, etc).

You use DNS hosting to convert a domain name to an IP address.

Often your registrar will provide DNS hosting.

RimuHosting is not a registrar.  We do provide DNS hosting.

You do not need to transfer your domain name registration to RimuHosting (we are not a registrar, so that will not work).

You can setup DNS at your registrar if they offer DNS hosting (might be easiest?).  You can also setup DNS at http://rimuhosting.com/dns.  If you do that you would need to tell your registrar to use our name servers after you have setup your DNS records in our control panel.