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Upload Files and Serve Up HTML Pages

Just want to quickly set up and serve up HTML pages from Apache?  Your webserver document root (i.e. where you can start putting your web pages) is /var/www/html.

You can upload files using FTP.  By default your VPS will not be running an FTP server.  You can set up an FTP server if you need to.

Alternatively you can upload files via your browser:

And also you can also use the 'scp' command (included with PuTTy) to copy files to your web server, e.g. from the command line on your computer, type: scp mylocalfile.html root@myserverip:/var/www/html/

And if you want to use the SCP protocol, but don't like working from the command line, download a copy of WinSCP, a free Windows SCP client.